May Recap

May was a pretty crazy month. I traveled to and through many states (new ones to add to the list: Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas!) and stayed at 3 of my friends places (thanks again to Maribeth, Keena and Jaime!) and went to 7 concerts (none of which have been scrap booked yet)

As a recap –

May 1/2 brought me to Hershey, PA where I saw Honor Society play twice. I met up with Amber.

May 10 I ventured up to the casino alone to see Josh Gracin play in the Wolf’s Den. I lingered around to try and meet him and beat my Idol photo streak, but had no luck.

May 14 I went to Fairfield to see Tony Lucca and Joey DeGraw. After the show I met Tony again, who was my first solo photo with a celeb back in 2002. We made each other feel old by mentioning the MMC and how that was almost 20 years ago.

May 15th I hopped on a flight to St Louis and later Oklahoma City where I met up with my friend Keena. I experienced a nice Oklahoma storm. The next day we went to Tulsa, OK – where Hanson was born, raised, and still lives to do some sightseeing and to catch the Members Only Event. The next day we went to the museum in Oklahoma City to see a display of some of Hanson’s memorabilia from their rise to fame. We then rushed to the airport where I flew to Dallas (biggest airport ever) and then back home.

May 24th I won a contest to meet David Cook at KC101 before his concert that night in New Haven, though the meeting was brief, the streak was broken and the concert was fantastic, even if Toad’s Place sucks a big one when it comes to accommodating handicapped fans. (I have written an angry, nasty letter which will be mailed out hopefully tomorrow!)

May 27th – in a continuation of Idol Week – I went to NYC and crashed at my friend Jaime’s apt on the upper east side. Waking up at 3:45 got us to Rockefeller Plaza for 5 am and we were in the VIP Fan Pass line to see this season’s winner and runner up Kris Allen and Adam Lambert. Though we came close to meeting Kris, the crowd was a bit to rowdy so that dream will be pushed aside until this summer’s Idol tour makes it to Connecticut.

Another new addition to the site is the “Celebs Ive Met” list – which is as accurate as I could make it off the top of my head – verification coming soon to make sure I didn’t miss anyone. It is in the sidebar under concert stats along with the list of all the shows and bands I’ve seen perform.

It seems that June will be a bit more laid back – with only 2 confirmed concerts and 2 confirmed Broadway show. July on the other hand – well, it’s going to get Full Moon Crazy… more details on that in the next couple of weeks once I have tickets in my hand 🙂

The Today Show – Concert Series with Kris Allen and Adam Lambert

Wednesday night Lauren and I ventured into NYC and met up with my friend Jaime who kindly let us crash at her apartment for the evening. (Thanks again, Jaime!) At about 11 we went to sleep – and at 3:45am our alarms were going off and it was time to wake up.

We left the apartment a little after 4am and ended up in line for the concert at 5am. There we maybe 50 people in front of us, which wasn’t bad at all!

Around 6am we were let in to the “pens” as they call them, right in front of the stage. Shortly after Kris came out to sound check. He sang Heartless twice and then No Boundaries. Adam was up next, and asked us if we were cold. (I had my jacket tied around my waist!) He said that he was from L.A and not used to this weather. (I really don’t think it was any colder than 65!) He sang Mad World twice. And he didn’t scream, which was awesome because it was way too early in the morning for that.

A little while later, they removed the tent that had been over the stage. It was time to sound check once again, Kris came back out and sang Heartless again and Adam did Mad World – this time with screeching. (And oddly enough, he screeched and the crowd screamed. I don’t understand how people like that? I did however enjoy his performances where all he did was sing, I’ll admit that)

Around 8:30, it was time for the real performances and Kris once again did Heartless. (I’m so done with that song now!) Adam did Mad World and a little bit later Kris did No Boundaries. He came down near our side to sign autographs and take pictures. He was maybe 3 people away when Adam joined him. I ended up squished into the barricade and a couple of photos from the press later, the two were gone. I’m blaming Adam for ruining my chances of meeting Kris, not that they had a schedule and somewhere else to be. It’s more fun that way. (To me, anyway)


David Cook 5/24/09 Toads Place New Haven, CT

David Cook hit the stage about 10, but it seemed like they were running late. Since we were sitting by the sound booth, the set list went up a little early so I was able to send out a tweet with the songs and then follow along throughout the show.

Being off to the side was actually good because not too many people were being pushy. If the lady like 2-3 people in front of me brushed her hair down I would have been able to see him fine like 90% of the show LOL Before the encore the place cleared out a TON so I was able to see clearly for the encore.

I loved the “new” song souvenir (he said it was written for the album but didnt make the cut) and his cover of little lies were great too.

He was talking about how he didnt realize Yale was here and he walked around and wouldn’t you know they graduated today and he was all impressed and that It took him 5 yrs to get through school and look where the degree got him lol

And then he said how he was talking and he got hit in the leg with gum, and it happened the night before too and he wanted to know if it meant something and then smelled his breath and was like.. i dont know. It is a secret joke Im not in on? Does the gum represent something else? and then he was like.. and I realize now Im going to be pelted by gum for the next week.

Setlist and photos under the cut!

we’re only honest
mr sensitive
kiss on the neck
declaration (he didnt end up singing this!)
little lies
come back to me
Light on,
a daily anthem


The Streak Is Beat

Finally, I got a photo with an Idol who did not come in 2nd place!



It was so so rushed. I was just like “NICE TO MEET YOU DAVIIID” and he was like “yeah!” and shook my hand and then shook Lauren’s hand and she was all “Hi! Im Lauren!” and then we took the picture and I was like “Thanks David, see you tonight!” and he was all “Oh yeah, Tonight! Yeah!”

First they said we could do pics and autos and then they said no, just pics. I dont know why I look so terrible in this photo? The station took one too so that one will probably be better lol the guy taking the pic didnt know how to zoom, so he like… stood on top of us… that might be part of the reason i look off, i dont know. Or maybe I was still shaking. hahah.

Tulsa, Hanson, Oklahoma City

May 15th I made the trek from Hartford to St Louis to Oklahoma City. My first plane got delayed, my second plan took off half an hour early and I made it in to OKC 25 minutes early.

Before the members only event, we hit up a bunch of places in Tulsa, like Hanson’s childhood home and the center of the universe.

The center of the universe was by far the most fascinating thing. It took us a while to actually find it, but it was well worth the search. You follow a brick walkway up a hill of a bridge. It brings you to a circle. If you stand on the circle and talk – YOU hear it echo, but no one else does.

Our final stop was the Tulsa Little Theater where we waited for a few hours to get let in to the Members Only Event.

Hanson played 8 songs which will be on their new album / EP. The EP will be released this fall. Unfortunately I don’t remember much about any of the songs – except I *loved* the song Musical Ride. OF course, I can’t tell you any lyrics, but they were good. That’s all I remember.

We also got to sing along on a song called Waiting for This, we got to sing “SHOUT IT OUT!” and “YOU CAN’T DENY IT!” along with Isaac. And we clapped to create a “sample” which might end up on the album too. Pretty cool.

Since it was being recorded, we couldn’t clap/cheer directly after the song was over. We had to wait a couple of seconds and usually Taylor would bang on a few keys, or hit the drums (he played both, and was on the drum side of the stage more than the piano it seemed – which was fine with me – we were sitting on the piano side – where Zac spent just as much time as Taylor!) to let us know we could clap.

Taylor said they were trying to judge how we liked the songs, to which Zac said “It’s like American Idol, but your vote doesn’t matter!” and Taylor called him a “HUGE Ass!” for that comment.

There was also a little back and forth about Zac sleeping with Isaacs dog (?!) and Zac made up a song, on the spot, called “Tea Party with Frog Man” which was quite hilarious at the time, but of course I remember none of it now.

Sunday morning we went to the Oklahoma History Museum which had a display, Another Hot Oklahoma Night, with a bunch of memorabilia from bands from OK. I could have spent all day there taking pics of all the Hanson items, but I had a flight back home to catch!


Carry you There
These Walls
Kiss Me When You Come Home
Make It Through The Day
Use Me Up
Musical Ride
Make It Out Alive
Waiting For This
Never Let Go
Letters In The Mailbox
I Am
Take Our Chances



It’s been an Idol kind of day…

This morning I got an email notification that Kris and Adam would be on the Today Show next week. I decided to try my luck and enter for VIP Tickets (My friend Lauren and I hoped to get to the city last year to see the Davids, but it never worked out) Shortly after, I got an email response that I had a VIP Pass for each of us for the performance.

The downside – we have to be there NO LATER THAN 6am. Which means, we either risk the 4:22 train and get into the city at 5:47 – or find a place to crash the night before and leave there around 5am. Anyone got a floor in NYC we can crash on? Or know of a super cheap hotel?

I continued on my day and doing my work… When my phone rings just after 5pm. It was KC101 and I won a Meet and Greet to meet DAVID COOK on Sunday before his concert here (that I’m also going to) I am sooo freaking excited, you don’t even understand. That is all going down Sunday afternoon – so there will be MAJOR updates on Sunday about Cook (luckily Monday is a holiday!) Andddd it seems fairly certain I will finally get a picture with someone who did not come in 2nd place on Idol.

And yes, I did go to Oklahoma over the weekend, and yes, a post about that is coming… at some point. Perhaps tomorrow.. or later tonight if I can get my act together.

American Idol

Kris won and I am thrilled. I tweeted about getting tix to both CT shows if he wins.. but I’m not sure if I’m gonna end up doing that lol Though I definitely plan to go to the venues the day off to try and meet the Idols, something I’ve never done before.

I am hoping to get tix to the Bridgeport show though – I’m just being incredibly picky about what seats I want, especially since they’re going to cost me something like $85.

What I do want to talk about here is how all the Adam fans are quick to jump to conclusions that anyone who voted for Kris did so because Adam is gay. Here’s the deal. I voted for Kris. A lot. I have no problems with Adam except for that I DON’T LIKE HIS SINGING. (Actually – let’s rephrase that – I don’t like his SCREECHING. I listened to some of his studio recordings on my flight to Oklahoma last weekend and he actually isn’t that bad – but I still like Kris more)

This is a singing competition, right? So I should be voting for who I think is the better singer – and I think that is/was Kris Allen.

The Adam fans looking for any excuse as to why their beloved didn’t win, need to calm down. Adam will do *fine* without the Idol crown. Of this I am sure. Could he even outsell Kris? I believe he can. (And not only because his super fans will buy multiple copies of his album to MAKE him sell more)

I think Kris needed that extra “boost” that being crowned the American Idol will give him. Adam did not. Will not.

So everyone just stop accusing half of America of being homophobic. While that might have played into some of the votes, I really don’t think anyone voting solely because Adam was gay and Kris is christian and married stuck to it for the whole 4 hours like the real fans did.

Both Adam and Kris (and heck, even a few others of the Top 13) will do FINE with their careers.

Tony Lucca 5/14/09 – Fairfield, CT

Tony Lucca took his tour to the Fairfield Theater with Joey DeGraw and Andrew Hoover on Thursday night.

Not wanting to endure another Andrew Hoover performance, we arrived a few songs in to Joey DeGraws set.

He and his guitarist were very funny and both great singers as well. There was an anecdote or joke after just about every song.

Tony came out around 9:30 to a crowd of about 20 people. Kind of sad – but he did not disappoint! He sang about his past:

“I was on the telly… dumped my high school sweetheard as soon as I realized I could – she became a movie star and I took to living in my car.. it takes the time it takes to get it right”

(from memory)

Other songs were about the current state of the nation.

After the show we thanked him for coming back to CT – it had been years since we’d last seen him – the NSYNC tour. “Oh my god! Thanks for sticking with me so long!” he said. “Since the Mickey Mouse Club!” I responded. “Oh my god! That was almost 20 years ago!” (And now we both felt old)

He thanked us for coming out in the rain – which he heard throughout his entire set and kept saying “Wow! Is that really rain?”

Hopefully it won’t be another ‘OMG!’ worthy number of years until we see him again!



Why I’m Going to Oklahoma

For those of you who aren’t Hanson fans – this weekend is the Hanson Day celebration in Tulsa, OK. May 6, 1997 Middle of Nowhere was released and the mayor declared it “Hanson Day” in Tulsa. Since then, fans have been celebrating this day yearly.

2 years ago, the 10th anniversary of Middle of Nowhere (my how the time flies), Hanson decided to re-record the album acoustically. Rather than do this all by themselves in a studio, they invited Fan Club members to the recording which was not only recorded for a new cd – it was also recorded for a new DVD (which I have yet to watch, though I’ve had it since it came out. I’m such a bad fan)

I did not attend as at the time of the announcement of the event I did not have a job and didn’t want to blow all my savings (I ended up starting my job the day after the event, go figure)

The next night was a Hanson celebration concert of sorts (if i remember correctly) where Ingram Hill was playing along with a local singer named DAVID COOK. (who last year became the American Idol winner)

After missing out on all that fun (and a couple other members only events) I vowed that the next time it was in Oklahoma – I was going no matter what. (plus i had been wanting to visit Tulsa since i was 12, so I might as well get it out of my system)

Tomorrow I fly from Hartford to St Louis to Oklahoma City and meet up with my friend Keena. Saturday will be a day in Tulsa. Sunday afternoon I fly from Oklahoma City to Dallas and back to Hartford.

While I’m not sure how many blog posts there will be, once again be sure to follow my twitter (which I really need to add to the side bar here!) and you’ll be kept somewhat up to date. I’ll be keeping a journal so there will be posts once I get home, for sure.

American Idol

Last night I voted for the full 2 hours for Kris Allen (and once for Adam, but that was a HUGE accident and I stopped voting with that stupid phone shortly after the incident)

By 10pm I had in 200 votes. I stopped counting after 250, but I’d imagine I got in about 400+, since I kept up the same pace (maybe going a little faster after I stopped marking down how many votes I got in) and the lines were less busy in the second hour.

That is definitely the most I have EVER voted for American Idol. (I remember voting quite a lot for Carrie Underwood to win in the finals, but I don’t think I got past 200 back then)

I still have no plans to buy tickets for the tour – but will gladly accept free tickets! I just don’t want to pay to have my ears blown out by Adam Lambert and his so called singing. Though it’s possible I’ll head over to the venue early to try and meet Kris. He’s amazing. And adorable.

It’s going to be a long day, waiting for the results show to roll around… and then I’ll have to sit through Katy Perry (ick) and Jordin Sparks (her new song, Battlefield, is pretty awesome)

Luckily I am working from home today to try and get some packing done for my trip to Oklahoma this weekend, so at least I’ll have something to keep me occupied and keep my mind off of whether or not Kris made it to the final 2. (Not that I think either Kris or Danny has a chance in hell to be crowned the winner, Adam seems to have America hypnotized)


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