Last night I voted for the full 2 hours for Kris Allen (and once for Adam, but that was a HUGE accident and I stopped voting with that stupid phone shortly after the incident)

By 10pm I had in 200 votes. I stopped counting after 250, but I’d imagine I got in about 400+, since I kept up the same pace (maybe going a little faster after I stopped marking down how many votes I got in) and the lines were less busy in the second hour.

That is definitely the most I have EVER voted for American Idol. (I remember voting quite a lot for Carrie Underwood to win in the finals, but I don’t think I got past 200 back then)

I still have no plans to buy tickets for the tour – but will gladly accept free tickets! I just don’t want to pay to have my ears blown out by Adam Lambert and his so called singing. Though it’s possible I’ll head over to the venue early to try and meet Kris. He’s amazing. And adorable.

It’s going to be a long day, waiting for the results show to roll around… and then I’ll have to sit through Katy Perry (ick) and Jordin Sparks (her new song, Battlefield, is pretty awesome)

Luckily I am working from home today to try and get some packing done for my trip to Oklahoma this weekend, so at least I’ll have something to keep me occupied and keep my mind off of whether or not Kris made it to the final 2. (Not that I think either Kris or Danny has a chance in hell to be crowned the winner, Adam seems to have America hypnotized)


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