For those of you who aren’t Hanson fans – this weekend is the Hanson Day celebration in Tulsa, OK. May 6, 1997 Middle of Nowhere was released and the mayor declared it “Hanson Day” in Tulsa. Since then, fans have been celebrating this day yearly.

2 years ago, the 10th anniversary of Middle of Nowhere (my how the time flies), Hanson decided to re-record the album acoustically. Rather than do this all by themselves in a studio, they invited Fan Club members to the recording which was not only recorded for a new cd – it was also recorded for a new DVD (which I have yet to watch, though I’ve had it since it came out. I’m such a bad fan)

I did not attend as at the time of the announcement of the event I did not have a job and didn’t want to blow all my savings (I ended up starting my job the day after the event, go figure)

The next night was a Hanson celebration concert of sorts (if i remember correctly) where Ingram Hill was playing along with a local singer named DAVID COOK. (who last year became the American Idol winner)

After missing out on all that fun (and a couple other members only events) I vowed that the next time it was in Oklahoma – I was going no matter what. (plus i had been wanting to visit Tulsa since i was 12, so I might as well get it out of my system)

Tomorrow I fly from Hartford to St Louis to Oklahoma City and meet up with my friend Keena. Saturday will be a day in Tulsa. Sunday afternoon I fly from Oklahoma City to Dallas and back to Hartford.

While I’m not sure how many blog posts there will be, once again be sure to follow my twitter (which I really need to add to the side bar here!) and you’ll be kept somewhat up to date. I’ll be keeping a journal so there will be posts once I get home, for sure.

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