My first radio call in win

And I didn’t go.

On the way home I was caller 11 for tickets and a M&G; with the new boyband, VFactory. I’m really not all that familiar with them, but they weren’t scheduled to perform until 11:30 and I couldn’t find anyone to go with so I opted out. (I have an 8:30 appt tomorrow morning to get my stitches out as well, so, better to rest up!)

I did however buy myself a 3rd row ticket (side section) for Demi Lovato and David Archuleta in June. And then I found out that Taylor Hanson’s new band Tinted Windows would be coming to NYC in June so I got my friend Jen and I tickets to that! June is starting to fill in rather nicely! (I think there are also 2 Mets games and perhaps a trip to Broadway and maybe NKOTB and No Doubt?)

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