Tulsa, Hanson, Oklahoma City

May 15th I made the trek from Hartford to St Louis to Oklahoma City. My first plane got delayed, my second plan took off half an hour early and I made it in to OKC 25 minutes early.

Before the members only event, we hit up a bunch of places in Tulsa, like Hanson’s childhood home and the center of the universe.

The center of the universe was by far the most fascinating thing. It took us a while to actually find it, but it was well worth the search. You follow a brick walkway up a hill of a bridge. It brings you to a circle. If you stand on the circle and talk – YOU hear it echo, but no one else does.

Our final stop was the Tulsa Little Theater where we waited for a few hours to get let in to the Members Only Event.

Hanson played 8 songs which will be on their new album / EP. The EP will be released this fall. Unfortunately I don’t remember much about any of the songs – except I *loved* the song Musical Ride. OF course, I can’t tell you any lyrics, but they were good. That’s all I remember.

We also got to sing along on a song called Waiting for This, we got to sing “SHOUT IT OUT!” and “YOU CAN’T DENY IT!” along with Isaac. And we clapped to create a “sample” which might end up on the album too. Pretty cool.

Since it was being recorded, we couldn’t clap/cheer directly after the song was over. We had to wait a couple of seconds and usually Taylor would bang on a few keys, or hit the drums (he played both, and was on the drum side of the stage more than the piano it seemed – which was fine with me – we were sitting on the piano side – where Zac spent just as much time as Taylor!) to let us know we could clap.

Taylor said they were trying to judge how we liked the songs, to which Zac said “It’s like American Idol, but your vote doesn’t matter!” and Taylor called him a “HUGE Ass!” for that comment.

There was also a little back and forth about Zac sleeping with Isaacs dog (?!) and Zac made up a song, on the spot, called “Tea Party with Frog Man” which was quite hilarious at the time, but of course I remember none of it now.

Sunday morning we went to the Oklahoma History Museum which had a display, Another Hot Oklahoma Night, with a bunch of memorabilia from bands from OK. I could have spent all day there taking pics of all the Hanson items, but I had a flight back home to catch!


Carry you There
These Walls
Kiss Me When You Come Home
Make It Through The Day
Use Me Up
Musical Ride
Make It Out Alive
Waiting For This
Never Let Go
Letters In The Mailbox
I Am
Take Our Chances



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