The Today Show – Concert Series with Kris Allen and Adam Lambert

Wednesday night Lauren and I ventured into NYC and met up with my friend Jaime who kindly let us crash at her apartment for the evening. (Thanks again, Jaime!) At about 11 we went to sleep – and at 3:45am our alarms were going off and it was time to wake up.

We left the apartment a little after 4am and ended up in line for the concert at 5am. There we maybe 50 people in front of us, which wasn’t bad at all!

Around 6am we were let in to the “pens” as they call them, right in front of the stage. Shortly after Kris came out to sound check. He sang Heartless twice and then No Boundaries. Adam was up next, and asked us if we were cold. (I had my jacket tied around my waist!) He said that he was from L.A and not used to this weather. (I really don’t think it was any colder than 65!) He sang Mad World twice. And he didn’t scream, which was awesome because it was way too early in the morning for that.

A little while later, they removed the tent that had been over the stage. It was time to sound check once again, Kris came back out and sang Heartless again and Adam did Mad World – this time with screeching. (And oddly enough, he screeched and the crowd screamed. I don’t understand how people like that? I did however enjoy his performances where all he did was sing, I’ll admit that)

Around 8:30, it was time for the real performances and Kris once again did Heartless. (I’m so done with that song now!) Adam did Mad World and a little bit later Kris did No Boundaries. He came down near our side to sign autographs and take pictures. He was maybe 3 people away when Adam joined him. I ended up squished into the barricade and a couple of photos from the press later, the two were gone. I’m blaming Adam for ruining my chances of meeting Kris, not that they had a schedule and somewhere else to be. It’s more fun that way. (To me, anyway)


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