Tony Lucca took his tour to the Fairfield Theater with Joey DeGraw and Andrew Hoover on Thursday night.

Not wanting to endure another Andrew Hoover performance, we arrived a few songs in to Joey DeGraws set.

He and his guitarist were very funny and both great singers as well. There was an anecdote or joke after just about every song.

Tony came out around 9:30 to a crowd of about 20 people. Kind of sad – but he did not disappoint! He sang about his past:

“I was on the telly… dumped my high school sweetheard as soon as I realized I could – she became a movie star and I took to living in my car.. it takes the time it takes to get it right”

(from memory)

Other songs were about the current state of the nation.

After the show we thanked him for coming back to CT – it had been years since we’d last seen him – the NSYNC tour. “Oh my god! Thanks for sticking with me so long!” he said. “Since the Mickey Mouse Club!” I responded. “Oh my god! That was almost 20 years ago!” (And now we both felt old)

He thanked us for coming out in the rain – which he heard throughout his entire set and kept saying “Wow! Is that really rain?”

Hopefully it won’t be another ‘OMG!’ worthy number of years until we see him again!



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