What was supposed to be a mother’s day outing with my parents turned into me storming out of the house and going up to the casino by myself… but that’s a story for another time.

American Idol #4 runner up Josh Gracin, now a relatively successful country star, was playing the Wolf’s Den at Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, CT.

I decided to snag a seat inside the den about an hour before he was set to take the stage. I got placed with some “strangers” but they were talkative and fun so I didn’t really feel like I was there alone.

At 8pm, Josh and his band took the stage. I don’t have his most recent release, but luckily he did a decent amount of songs that were on his first cd, so I knew those. I had planned to purchase his new cd tonight (before hopefully getting a photo with him) but he had no merch for sale! Which was a bad sign.

Throughout the show, he was throwing out T-Shirts rolled up as well as drumsticks. At the end of the set, the drummer tossed him drumsticks and he signed them and threw them out into the crowd. Unfortunately I wasn’t on the “floor” so nothing really made it to me.

After he was out of drumsticks, he started signing things people had for him and giving out set lists (I wish i could have gotten my hands on one of those!) He signed hats, napkins, random pieces of paper, pictures of him, cds, etc.

Then we all got kicked out. I didn’t venture too far away, in case he came out for pictures (I was on a mission, after all) Some of the band came out and took pictures, but the small crowd that was still inside the Wolf’s Den was shooed away so there went my chances.

Serves me right though, last show I didn’t bring my camera (what?) and met him and could have gotten a photo with him. There’s always next time… but for now, beating my “streak” will all be up to David Cook in 2 weeks…

Set list (I did pretty good picking out song names for not knowing the covers / new songs!) and more photos under the cut.


I Want To Live
Endless Helpless Hoping
Livin’ It Up
I’ll Still Love You
I Keep Coming Back
Better Man Tonight (new song – title might be wrong)
Favorite State of Mind
Bad Case of Loving You
Hold On To The Night
Brass Bed
We Weren’t Crazy
Turn It Up

Ain’t Goin’ Down (Til The Sun Comes Up)
Nothin To Lose


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