Kris won and I am thrilled. I tweeted about getting tix to both CT shows if he wins.. but I’m not sure if I’m gonna end up doing that lol Though I definitely plan to go to the venues the day off to try and meet the Idols, something I’ve never done before.

I am hoping to get tix to the Bridgeport show though – I’m just being incredibly picky about what seats I want, especially since they’re going to cost me something like $85.

What I do want to talk about here is how all the Adam fans are quick to jump to conclusions that anyone who voted for Kris did so because Adam is gay. Here’s the deal. I voted for Kris. A lot. I have no problems with Adam except for that I DON’T LIKE HIS SINGING. (Actually – let’s rephrase that – I don’t like his SCREECHING. I listened to some of his studio recordings on my flight to Oklahoma last weekend and he actually isn’t that bad – but I still like Kris more)

This is a singing competition, right? So I should be voting for who I think is the better singer – and I think that is/was Kris Allen.

The Adam fans looking for any excuse as to why their beloved didn’t win, need to calm down. Adam will do *fine* without the Idol crown. Of this I am sure. Could he even outsell Kris? I believe he can. (And not only because his super fans will buy multiple copies of his album to MAKE him sell more)

I think Kris needed that extra “boost” that being crowned the American Idol will give him. Adam did not. Will not.

So everyone just stop accusing half of America of being homophobic. While that might have played into some of the votes, I really don’t think anyone voting solely because Adam was gay and Kris is christian and married stuck to it for the whole 4 hours like the real fans did.

Both Adam and Kris (and heck, even a few others of the Top 13) will do FINE with their careers.

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