May was a pretty crazy month. I traveled to and through many states (new ones to add to the list: Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas!) and stayed at 3 of my friends places (thanks again to Maribeth, Keena and Jaime!) and went to 7 concerts (none of which have been scrap booked yet)

As a recap –

May 1/2 brought me to Hershey, PA where I saw Honor Society play twice. I met up with Amber.

May 10 I ventured up to the casino alone to see Josh Gracin play in the Wolf’s Den. I lingered around to try and meet him and beat my Idol photo streak, but had no luck.

May 14 I went to Fairfield to see Tony Lucca and Joey DeGraw. After the show I met Tony again, who was my first solo photo with a celeb back in 2002. We made each other feel old by mentioning the MMC and how that was almost 20 years ago.

May 15th I hopped on a flight to St Louis and later Oklahoma City where I met up with my friend Keena. I experienced a nice Oklahoma storm. The next day we went to Tulsa, OK – where Hanson was born, raised, and still lives to do some sightseeing and to catch the Members Only Event. The next day we went to the museum in Oklahoma City to see a display of some of Hanson’s memorabilia from their rise to fame. We then rushed to the airport where I flew to Dallas (biggest airport ever) and then back home.

May 24th I won a contest to meet David Cook at KC101 before his concert that night in New Haven, though the meeting was brief, the streak was broken and the concert was fantastic, even if Toad’s Place sucks a big one when it comes to accommodating handicapped fans. (I have written an angry, nasty letter which will be mailed out hopefully tomorrow!)

May 27th – in a continuation of Idol Week – I went to NYC and crashed at my friend Jaime’s apt on the upper east side. Waking up at 3:45 got us to Rockefeller Plaza for 5 am and we were in the VIP Fan Pass line to see this season’s winner and runner up Kris Allen and Adam Lambert. Though we came close to meeting Kris, the crowd was a bit to rowdy so that dream will be pushed aside until this summer’s Idol tour makes it to Connecticut.

Another new addition to the site is the “Celebs Ive Met” list – which is as accurate as I could make it off the top of my head – verification coming soon to make sure I didn’t miss anyone. It is in the sidebar under concert stats along with the list of all the shows and bands I’ve seen perform.

It seems that June will be a bit more laid back – with only 2 confirmed concerts and 2 confirmed Broadway show. July on the other hand – well, it’s going to get Full Moon Crazy… more details on that in the next couple of weeks once I have tickets in my hand šŸ™‚

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