David Cook hit the stage about 10, but it seemed like they were running late. Since we were sitting by the sound booth, the set list went up a little early so I was able to send out a tweet with the songs and then follow along throughout the show.

Being off to the side was actually good because not too many people were being pushy. If the lady like 2-3 people in front of me brushed her hair down I would have been able to see him fine like 90% of the show LOL Before the encore the place cleared out a TON so I was able to see clearly for the encore.

I loved the “new” song souvenir (he said it was written for the album but didnt make the cut) and his cover of little lies were great too.

He was talking about how he didnt realize Yale was here and he walked around and wouldn’t you know they graduated today and he was all impressed and that It took him 5 yrs to get through school and look where the degree got him lol

And then he said how he was talking and he got hit in the leg with gum, and it happened the night before too and he wanted to know if it meant something and then smelled his breath and was like.. i dont know. It is a secret joke Im not in on? Does the gum represent something else? and then he was like.. and I realize now Im going to be pelted by gum for the next week.

Setlist and photos under the cut!

we’re only honest
mr sensitive
kiss on the neck
declaration (he didnt end up singing this!)
little lies
come back to me
Light on,
a daily anthem


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