This morning I got an email notification that Kris and Adam would be on the Today Show next week. I decided to try my luck and enter for VIP Tickets (My friend Lauren and I hoped to get to the city last year to see the Davids, but it never worked out) Shortly after, I got an email response that I had a VIP Pass for each of us for the performance.

The downside – we have to be there NO LATER THAN 6am. Which means, we either risk the 4:22 train and get into the city at 5:47 – or find a place to crash the night before and leave there around 5am. Anyone got a floor in NYC we can crash on? Or know of a super cheap hotel?

I continued on my day and doing my work… When my phone rings just after 5pm. It was KC101 and I won a Meet and Greet to meet DAVID COOK on Sunday before his concert here (that I’m also going to) I am sooo freaking excited, you don’t even understand. That is all going down Sunday afternoon – so there will be MAJOR updates on Sunday about Cook (luckily Monday is a holiday!) Andddd it seems fairly certain I will finally get a picture with someone who did not come in 2nd place on Idol.

And yes, I did go to Oklahoma over the weekend, and yes, a post about that is coming… at some point. Perhaps tomorrow.. or later tonight if I can get my act together.

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