Thursday night Parachute’s “Getaway Tour” hit the Warehouse in Fairfield, CT.  This show was announced later than the other dates on the tour and it was a bit more of an “intimate” setting than their last show at the Warehouse but it was a great time.

Opening up the show was Kris Allen.  He did a bit of a shorter set than I am used to when I see him headlining, but I thought he picked out a great selection of songs to showcase his talent. (and later Will from Parachute said that he thought Kris has one of the best voices and whenever they hear him singing on the bus they think he’s an angel!) He threw in a Katy Perry cover as well – which typically I do not enjoy but it’s Kris and I’m pretty sure he could sing anything and I’d be in love with it.  After his set I got to stop by merch and say hey. It’s always fun chatting with him 🙂

Then it was time for Parachute’s headlining set.  For this tour they had the fans vote on the setlist so it was also a good mix of songs, new and old. The set even included the first time they had every played What Breaks My Heart live.  Will told a really nice story about the song and how he wrote it because he was bummed that a girl he was into, wasn’t into him. But it has a happy ending – because that girl is now his fiance! #goals. The crowd may have been small, but they were really into it especially with the call and response and during one of the songs Will jumped into the crowd announcing that he was going to give a high five to EVERYONE. While he didn’t get to everyone (he missed me!) he did seem to get most of the people that were standing in front of the stage, so that was pretty cool!  They also said they hoped to be back this way in the fall and they would play the Warehouse as long as they kept having them, so I am looking forward to their return and hope that I can make it out to another show soon!