Screen shot 2013-10-06 at 8.48.50 PMLast month I took a trip to Las Vegas, since we had some date changes I couldn’t allot blog time to the posts but all this month look for a second post on select days chronicling my trip.

Unfortunately due to the date changes, I couldn’t get a direct flight on the way there. I had to have a layover in Chicago.

I got to the airport super early and due to my leg brace got to have a TSA pat down. Usually they put me through the X-Ray machine with my shoes on and then wipe my shoes down but their policy must have changed.  Or it changes depending on who you talk to that works there.

I got to my gate to see that flight before mine was delayed. I had hope that wouldn’t be a sign of thing to come but I was able to preboard and the flight attendants were calling me miss orange. Note to self, don’t wear an orange shirt when flying with an orange suitcase! Everything was going fine until Mr Douche decided he wanted to sit next to me.

This guy was everything you DONT want next to you. FIrst he threw his newspaper and book down to his seat, hitting me.  Any kind of oops sorry? Not at all. Then he threw his jacket at the seat (and me).  He was mad the woman on the aisle got up when he approached her because he needed to put his bag up first.  I think she may have spoke a different language and didn’t understand beyond that he wanted to sit in the middle… Then he used both arm rests – leaned way too far into me when he was reading and I was reading a magazine (I was squished against the window practically) and closed my window shade without even asking me if that would be ok. Awful, awful seat buddy!

Screen shot 2013-10-06 at 8.48.40 PM

I fell asleep and missed snacks and drinks and was starving by the time we landed in Chicago. I had 16 gates to navigate (or 8, since it alternated on sides of the hallway) and every ‘fast’ food place had a crazy line and I didn’t have much time.

Flight 2 ended up delayed because of a medical emergency, I dont know if it was on the flight i was going to be boarding or one that was just blocking the tarmac and our flight from coming in, but we finally boarded about 10 minutes late.

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