October 12, 2013

Vegas Trip: Day 2

Our plan was to get up whenever and go to the Mirage and do the dolphin habitat and see Boyz II Men. That didn’t happen. We got a super late start and after lunch/breakfast a the Harrah’s Café, we got in line for a Total Rewards card. As a new member I got a free scratch off ticket (virtual) and won $5 in slot play and a slip to spin the million dollar slot machine.  At the slot machine I won a Harrah’s Shot Glass.  Then we waited in another line to trade in my $5 coupon for a voucher I could put in one of the machines to play.

Then we took the shuttle to Rio to buy Chippendales merchandise only to find out that their boutique is only open a couple of hours before show time and we were too early.  Nervous that if Jaymes and James weren’t around for the show on Thursday which we were planning on seeing, we decided to see Rock of Ages because I wanted to see Kyle Lowder and didn’t care if I had to cut out a Boyz II Men show in order to see Jaymes and James.

We went back to the strip to the Tickets for Tonight counter and got Rock Of Ages tickets – except my credit card company thought my card was stolen and taken to Vegas so they declined the purchase.  Fortunately my other credit card didn’t seem to care (although that is kind of worrysome) and I was able to put the charge on that card and then let my primary company know that I was in Vegas and let me charge things. (I usually call before I go away out of the country, but didn’t think Vegas would be a problem – but this seems to be the go-to city when people steal cards!)

Then we headed up to the Venetian to trade in our voucher for Rock of Ages seats and check out the Venetian.  We got players cards here and then I wanted to see the indoor gondola.  The water was all DRAINED! What a bummer.

We ended up heading over to the Mirage to get an M Life card and I got a free popcorn at Sugar Factory thanks to myVegas Rewards on Facebook.

At Harrah’s I played my $5 and when he $5 was gone I had $1.60 left… played that and ended up with a $0.07 voucher for my scrapbook.

Then we got ready to go back to the Venetian for Rock of Ages.  More on that in my next post 😉

Book Review: The 50 Greatest Red Sox Games

The 50 Greatest Red Sox Games is by Cecelia Tan and Bill Nowlin and chronicles what they find to be the 50 Greatest Red Sox Games. (Spoiler – they actually include a 51st bonus game).  Each game has its own chapter and are listed through in date order from when they occurred – starting in 1903 and ending in 2004/2008. (Depending on if you are counting 50 or 51).  I like that these go chronologically instead of trying to “rank” the games from worst to best to best-est because that would have probably been a ridiculous undertaking.

There are a variety of teams represented throughout the games – but I can’t help but notice it seemed like more were New York. I didn’t actually count them out to see if this was the case – but I guess it is to be expected since they have been their biggest rivals for so long and have had quite a few major games against them – both past and present.

The book is almost 400 pages with an introduction from each of the authors as well as a preface for the 2013 edition. Each write up varies from about 3-5 pages.  And if you are looking for something specific, the table of contents is great and in addition to just listing the date of the game and team involved it also has a sentence re-cap of the game, ie. – “In which a pitcher allows three hits and tallies three of his own” so if you have a general idea of a game you are looking for but don’t know the date – you can probably find it.

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

Every Red Sox fan cherishes memories of great games that will never be forgotten, and wonders what it would have been like to be in the park for other outstanding moments from the team’s checkered past. Were you there when Roger Clemens notched his first 20-strikeout game? Where were you on that incredible day–October 27, 2004–when the curse was shattered?

Covering the history of the Boston Red Sox, The 50 Greatest Red Sox Games lets you relive the very best (and worst) moments dating back to 1903. From history-making plays to historic achievements, Cecilia Tan and Bill Nowlin recreate the suspense, excitement, and drama of every game on the list. Drawing on in-depth research, personal player interviews, and newspaper and magazine accounts of the day, they recreate the action on the field and the history surrounding it.

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