Back from Vacation!

I’m back from vacation, did you miss me?  You probably didn’t even realize I was gone, did you?  I made sure to schedule something every day to keep on pace with my goal of 1 post a day.  My intention was, starting today, to add a 2nd post per day with something exciting that we did on vacation.  (I was in Las Vegas for a week)  Except that the “real world” hit me hard.  I’m still adjusting to the time difference (I got home Saturday night and stayed up until 4am watching the DVR – was seemingly “fine” on Sunday and Monday but today I’m all sorts of confused and exhausted) and I’ve been trying to find some sort of plug-in to make it easier to look at my photos!  Lately I’ve been posting the “galleries” with photos but you can’t scroll through them.  That’s what I want to see and it’s probably easier for you too… but I haven’t found something that works.  I’m willing to pay – if the price is right and it does what I want! (Anyone know of anything? Please leave a comment!)  In addition to being back to work I am moving to a new place… there is just a LOT going on right now.

But I took my trusty One Direction Louis Orange Journal “on the road” with me and tried to write up blog posts every night (over 20, I think I am up to) as well as keep on pace with my book reading to keep those reviews coming at ya.  The details are all there – in my purse – staring at me… the free time?  Nowhere to be found.

So hang tight, help me find a good gallery plug in for WordPress and hopefully by the end of the month I’ll get to share everything I did in Vegas with you all 🙂


Book Review: Know The Parts of a Book


Know the Parts of a Book is a short book to teach children all the different parts of books.  It has photos of a boy named Will who is at the library looking for a book about frogs.  Then it explains each of the parts and what it contains.  The key words are all highlighted to make it easy to know which is the part of the book that you should remember.

I like that in addition to the text it shows the photos of Will – I think that will make everything make more sense to a child who is reading the book – I know many kids are more visual learners (I was!) and this will really help bring the message home for them.

This is a cute and educational book and it is easy to read. It is definitely recommended for your young readers to help give them Library Smarts!

I received a free e-copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

From the table of contents to the index, the parts of a book each have a job to do. Do you know what those jobs are? And do you know how certain features make it easier to use a book? Find out in this book that helps you get to know the parts of a book


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