I’m back from vacation, did you miss me?  You probably didn’t even realize I was gone, did you?  I made sure to schedule something every day to keep on pace with my goal of 1 post a day.  My intention was, starting today, to add a 2nd post per day with something exciting that we did on vacation.  (I was in Las Vegas for a week)  Except that the “real world” hit me hard.  I’m still adjusting to the time difference (I got home Saturday night and stayed up until 4am watching the DVR – was seemingly “fine” on Sunday and Monday but today I’m all sorts of confused and exhausted) and I’ve been trying to find some sort of plug-in to make it easier to look at my photos!  Lately I’ve been posting the “galleries” with photos but you can’t scroll through them.  That’s what I want to see and it’s probably easier for you too… but I haven’t found something that works.  I’m willing to pay – if the price is right and it does what I want! (Anyone know of anything? Please leave a comment!)  In addition to being back to work I am moving to a new place… there is just a LOT going on right now.

But I took my trusty One Direction Louis Orange Journal “on the road” with me and tried to write up blog posts every night (over 20, I think I am up to) as well as keep on pace with my book reading to keep those reviews coming at ya.  The details are all there – in my purse – staring at me… the free time?  Nowhere to be found.

So hang tight, help me find a good gallery plug in for WordPress and hopefully by the end of the month I’ll get to share everything I did in Vegas with you all 🙂


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