Vegas Trip: iHeartRadio Village Concert

Saturday morning we got up and rented a wheelchair for the day because we weren’t quite sure what to expect at the iHeart Radio village show. We went to the bus stop but grew too impatient to wait and ended up walking (rolling) the entire strip to “The Lot”.  We had missed a DJ and 21 Pilots but made it in time for DJ Jayceeoh’s first set.

We walked around and got some free stuff at the booths and went to the ADA platform to check out Cher Lloyd’s set. She was joined for It’s All Good w/ Ne-Yo. Then we saw The Band Perry, Pete Tong, Miley Cyrus (girls gone crazy), AWOL Nation, Avril Lavigne, Krewella, another DJ and then it was finally time for The Wanted – the reason I was there.  They were introduced by surprise guest Danity Kane who sang some of Damaged acapella before The Wanted took the stage.  The guys looked like they were having a TON of fun on stage!

After their set I tried to get more free stuff and got Britney’s new fragrance and a Walgreens gift card as well as some Macys TShirts.  They were adding transfers to the shirts but we got cut off from the line so we went to the back of the tent where they were just giving the shirts with no prints on them off.  (They said “iHeart” and you could pick “Vegas” and other words to add to your shirt)

Then it was time to head back to the hotel, assess my sunburn and get ready to go see Hanson!

Some of the songs I remember from the sets:

We Can’t Stop
Party in the USA
What Are They Doing To My Songs
Wrecking Ball

The Wanted:
Chasing the Sun
All Time Low
Walks Like Rihanna
I Found You
We Own the Night
Glad You Came

Book Review: How Not to Be a Dick

As the book says – we can all be a dick sometimes.  But this book will hopefully help you find ways in which to not be a dick in your every day life.  Each chapter breaks down how to not be a dick in the following areas of life: Relationships, At Home, At School, At Work, At Play, In Transit, On The Internet.

The fact is, the people reading this book probably aren’t dicks because let’s face it, those that are probably don’t care.  But at least if you check out this book you can help identify their dickishness ways and make sure that you don’t accidentally make the same mistakes.

The book tries to be humorous but it actually makes some really great points and teaches some really great lessons that everyone should know and try to put in play in their day-to-day life.

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

On the one hand, nobody wants to be a dick. On the other hand, dicks are everywhere! They cut in line, talk behind our backs, recline into our seats, and even have the power to morph into trolls online. Their powers are impressive, but with a little foresight and thoughtfulness, we can take a stand against dickishness today. How Not to Be a Dick is packed with honest and straightforward advice, but it also includes playful illustrations showing two well-meaning (but not always well behaved) young people as they confront moments of potential dickishness in their everyday lives. Sometimes they falter, sometimes they triumph, but they always seek to find a better way. And with their help, you can too.

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