As a bzzagent, I often get to try out great products for free.  Afrin No Drop Nasal Decongestant is one of those items.  When I get colds, a lot of times I am up half the night sniffling and blowing my nose because I can’t breath through my nose because I am so stuffed up.  While I was almost hoping I wouldn’t end up with a cold this winter, it was no surprise after the run of shows I did in early December when the sniffling began shortly after.

But this time I was prepared! I had the Afrin No Drip spray in my bedroom on the night stand and ready for duty.  The packaging boats “Fast, Powerful Congestion Relief” and I have to agree with them.  I never got to the point where I couldn’t breathe through my nose even though I was expecting it.  A couple of sprays up each nostril will last up to 12 hours – so I could enjoy a full night’s sleep and a full day at work without having any issues.

The Afrin really is no drip, it didn’t come pouring out of my nose after I sprayed it like some other sprays I’ve used in the past have done and it also didn’t drip down my throat either (how gross is that when it happens?)

Find out more about this product at Afrin’s website: And be sure to check out their words of wisdom!


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