We kicked off Day 3 with tie dye with Zac.  The staff was hanging out when we got there and we were told to stay cool and they told us a bit about how no one paid any attention to them once Zac had come with the first session.  Zac showed us a couple of tie dye techniques and and then came around to each of the groups to see how we had done.  Tricia, one of the staff members, was helping Maribeth with her design and then taught Zac a new technique while he was with our group – which ended up in him draping his shirt over my shoe for the demonstration!

After Tie Dye we hung our shirts out to dry and then we went to hang out at the pool for a bit.  Then I ordered a wood carving of the Hanson symbol and then we went to the beach to hang out for a bit.  We saw some crabs at the beach too.

While Taylor and Isaac’s events were going on with the other session, we hung out in the lobby to snag some wifi and also to see if we could catch a photo with Taylor or Isaac when they were leaving / going to their sessions.  Of course, many others had the same idea and while some were successful, we were not, mainly because I am not aggressive enough.

Night 3 the show was Charlie Mars and Robert Schwartzman. We had hoped Robert would be on first, so we could catch his whole set, stay for maybe 1 Charlie song and peace out. Instead, Robert was at dinner with us so we knew that Charlie was on first. We actually timed it perfectly though because we heard maybe 12.5 Charlie songs and he was done and then we hung around for all of Robert’s set.

Isaac came on stage and did “Ain’t No Sunshine” with Rob and then they traded covers and did “Tell Me Why” which Rob knew and Isaac didn’t. It was interesting to see it all come together on stage!

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