Time for the Top 12. Things have changed a bit and it is possible that an entire team could get knocked out  – there are no guarantees that each team will move on each round.  I really like this because sometimes one team is stacked a bit better than the others – it will be interesting to see how that ends up turning out!


Michaela – Blow Me One Last Kiss – I really like her and it was nice to see a different hairdo other than the mohawk! Though I do think she had some trouble keeping up with the song and breathing – it’s not easy!

Dez – Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You – Very strong performance from him. And he’s cute so I think he’ll have no problem going through again ;)

Adriana – Good Girl – ok performance, shouty at points though

Cody – The Best – Good performance. I like Cody.

Amanda – Spectrum – I didn’t like this performance from her at all, which is a bummer because she was so good previously!

Bryan – Back to Black – Loved this performance from Bryan. It was nearly perfect to me.

Cassadee – Behind These Hazel Eyes – It was a good performance from her. But I can’t say I’m a fan.

Trevin – When A Man Loves a Woman – Awesome performance from Trevin! Maybe even the best of the night!

Melanie – Cough Syrup – I think this was a good song for her and she did well but I’m still not team melanie.

Nicholas – Power Of Love – Another great performance from Nicholas. I see him going far (now that I know America likes him too!)

Sylvia – My Heart Will Go On – Wasn’t a fan of this performance.  Might have been bad enough to send her home, but it wasn’t fantastic.

Terry – More Than a Feeling – a great performance to end the night!


Who I think is going home:  Sylvia and Adriana

Results show

Christina & CeeLo perform

America has saved: Bryan, Sylvia

Jason Aldean performs

America saves: Nicholas, Dez

CeeLo and his team perform (and CeeLo flashes the camera…)

America saves: Trevin, Cassadee

Blake and his team perform

America saves: Terry, Amanda

Michaela, Adriana, Cody and Melanie are all at risk of going home.  Hey, at least 1 that I predicted as going home is in there!

America saves: Cody, Melanie

Well, I was 50% right, but I am super bummed about Michaela! She did have a bit of an off week and America didn’t vote her through to begin with, but I really liked her! :( Oh well.

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