The Voice – Knockout Rounds

Ah, the Knockout rounds. The new addition to the show. Each contestant chooses their own song to perform and the coaches pick 2 contestants. After they each sing their song, one is chosen to move on and the other moves home. After the other rounds seemed to be dragging on and on, they went through these pretty quickly.  I think 4 hour long shows instead of 2 2 hour long shows would have held my attention a bit better.  With the hurricane knocking out power Monday night, we watched Tuesday on demand and then the second episode “live”, so it was a little bit of knockout round overkill here at CK headquarters. lol.  Now each coach has 5 team members and we will be going to the live shows. Where I imagine things will be cut down pretty quickly again (or maybe not, since they will now be competing with XFactor’s live shows.)


Team Adam
Joselyn vs Kayla
“Love on Top” vs “Shark in the Water”
My Pick: Kayla
Adam’s Pick:  Joselyn

Joe vs Bryan
“Mean” vs “Everything I Do I Do It For You”
My Pick: Bryan
Adam’s Pick: Bryan

Amanda vs Michelle
“Paris (ooh la la)” vs “Spotlight”
My Pick: Michelle
Adams Pick:  Amanda

Loren vs Nicole
“You Know I’m No Good” vs “If I Ain’t Got You”
My Pick: Loren
Adam’s Pick: Loren

Melanie vs Sam
“Bulletproof” vs”Walking in Memphis”
My Pick: Sam
Adam’s Pick: Melanie


Team CeeLo
Avery vs Cody
“Yeahx3″ vs “Jolene”
My Pick: Avery
CeeLo’s Pick: Cody
(NOOOOOOOO Now I have to find a new favorite!)

Mackenzie vs Daniel
“Call Me Maybe” vs “Back to December”
My Pick: Mackenzie
CeeLo’s Pick: Mackenzie
(I love how they talked about Call Me Maybe being “such a new song” haha. Not anymore!)

Terisa vs Trevin
“Saving All My Love” vs “Against All Odds”
My Pick: Trevin
CeeLo’s Pick:  Trevin

Mycle vs Nicholas
“Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me” vs “Put Your Records On”
My Pick: Nicholas
CeeLo’s Pick:  Nicholas

Caitlin vs Diego
“Bring Me To Life” vs “Are You Gonna Go My Way”
My Pick: Diego
CeeLo’s Pick: Diego

Team Christina

Devyn vs Laura
“I Have Nothing” vs “I Need To Know”
My Pick: Laura
Christina’s Pick: Devyn

Adriana vs Celica
“Already Gone” vs “Never Say Never”
My Pick: Adriana
Christina’s Pick: Adriana

Alessandra vs Dez
“Take a Bow” vs “Stuck On You”
My Pick: Dez
Christina’s Pick: Dez

Chevonne vs De’borah
“Dancing With Myself” vs “You Found Me”
My Pick: De’borah
Christina’s Pick:  De’borah

Aquile vs Sylvia
“Grenade” vs “Fighter”
My Pick: Aquile
Christina’s Pick: Sylvia

Team Blake

Gracia vs Liz
“I Don’t Want To Miss a Thing” vs “Gunpowder and Lead”
My Pick: Liz
Blake’s Pick: Liz

Rudy vs Terry
“Forever” vs “Maybe Im Amazed”
My Pick: Terry
Blake’s Pick: Terry

Collin vs Michaela
“Breakeven” vs “”Love is a Battlefield”
My Pick: Michaela
Blake’s Pick: Michaela

Julio vs Marisaann
“Somebody To Love” vs “Lady Marmalade”
My Pick: Julio
Blake’s Pick: Julio

Cassadee  vs Suzanna
“Payphone” vs “Could You Be Loved”
My Pick:  Suzanna
Blake’s Pick: Cassadee

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