Product Review: Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration

Since I am a bzzagent, I sometimes get some cool products to try out for free.  Most recently I got to try out the Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration Face Care line.  All the products contain Clary Sage which is a tough little plant.  Here’s more info about it:

Deep in the windswept hills of the Mediterranean, a lone plant fights for its life against the elements. Clary Sage survives and thrives in spite of its harsh surroundings, thanks to the plant’s fierce will and exceptional ability to adapt and retain moisture. This remarkable botanical is the inspiration behind Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration Face Care line – the brand’s natural ode to soft, supple and revitalized skin.

I was sent a few products to try:

Intense Hydration Cream Cleanser

-Provides intense hydration and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
-Leaves skin feeling soft, supple and revitalized
-Removes dirt, oil and makeup
-Rinses easily without leaving a residue
-Costs $9.99

Intense Hydration Night Cream

-Replenishes moisture while you sleep – wake up to skin that feels soft, supple and revitalized
-Provides intense hydration and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
-Absorbs quickly thanks to a rich, non-greasy formula
-Costs $17.99

Intense Hydration Treatment Mask

-Clinically proven to provide immediate, intense hydration
-Leaves skin looking revitalized
-Easy to apply – goes on wet and stays wet; wipe off with a tissue or washcloth
-Costs $17.99

I was a bit nervous to try the products, as my face can be sensitive, but is often very dry (especially when I get out of the shower.)  I decided to be brave and try the products out on a Thursday night when I first received them and hoped I wouldn’t be faced going to work on Friday with any sort of blotches going on with my face.

I am happy to report that after using the Hydration Cream Cleanser paired with the Night Cream that I woke up to no surprises and incredibly soft skin.   It has now become a staple in my nightly routine.

I have also since used the treatment mask – it’s super easy to use – just rub it on and then wipe it off when you are done.  Nothing but wonderful things to say about this product as well.

Also in the line are

Intense Hydration Day Lotion – Costs $17.99
Intense Hydration Eye Cream – Costs $17.99

Find out more about Burt’s Bees at their facebook page –

I received the products mentioned in this post for free to review because I am a BzzAgent.

SK6ers Hi-Ate-Us Tour Final Show

Saturday was the final night of the SK6ers Hi-Ate-Us tour.  Yes, Hiatus. In that they are taking a break and we don’t know when we’ll be seeing them again.  In July the hiatus was announced and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to make it to a show since they were not coming to CT.  My friend Jen who got me in to the Sixers 6 years ago and I decided that we needed to be there, so we made it happen.

I won’t get into how shitty Webster Hall is as a venue in this review and that because of this I was in tears before the band even came on stage and not for any reason that I thought I’d be tearing up at the show. There may be another post about this later though, or just a letter sent to management. We’ll see!

I will say that otherwise this review was difficult to write.  The show left me speechless.  As a music fan, I think you look forward to these kinds of shows – but as a blogger? Speechless isn’t ideal.  I can’t just post a blank page with a setlist and have you “get it”.  I’m still not sure that anything I write will allow you to “get it”, but I’ll try.  They played from roughly 7:30-10:15. Nearly 3 hours – but it seemed like the show was over in a blink of an eye.  The whole train ride to the show we reminisced on some of the memories that we had from shows past (This was my 25th show, Jen has lost count and there are some that we didn’t go to together as well)

I thought the setlist was a nice mix of past, present and future.  Yes, future – they debuted a new song “I Don’t Want To Die  On The Road”.  Instead of doing just 1 or 2 covers, they did a medley of 7 covers that they had done over the years.  As they were singing this medley the memories came coming back of which shows I had heard them perform the covers at before.

I didn’t take many photos.  I took 9 during the show. 6 were of the backs of people’s heads.  Once we moved to the back of the venue I took 1 decent shot, tried to zoom in on just Stephen and got frustrated.  I decided rather than spend half the show annoyed I couldn’t get the “perfect” shot, I’d put the camera away and just take it all in.

The theme of the night was – “You keep clapping, we’ll keep playing” the only thing in our way of them playing all night was the curfew at the venue.  There were 4 encores.   One song was played in the crowd. My setlist notebook had a front and back page filled with the setlist (first time that ever happened and probably the last!)

There are 2 lyrics that I think sum up the evening – “Celebrate before it’s too late” and “See you later, see you soon”

The next chapter will continue next month, when I go see Stephen solo in Fairfield. (Hopefully Jen can come too!)  Maybe then it’ll really hit me that it is “over” (for now) because right now it all just seems like a blurry dream.


Flower in Rain
Sweet Sophia
Roots and Wings
4th Street Moon
Song For Lovers
Start the Day Early
We Belong Here
Fathers Day
The Bear
Big Easy
I Don’t Want To Die On The Road
Oh Adeline
Such A Way
Medley – Cripple Creek / Fat Bottom Girls / Piano Man / Baby It’s Cold Outside / Rock N Roll All Night / Let’s Go Crazy / Time of My Life
4th of July
See You Later, See You Soon

E: Satisfied Man

2nd E: Mabeline
Glassjaw Boxer

3rd E: Shady Esperanto
My Favorite Place

4th E: In Front of the World
Curtain Call

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