Book Review: Monkey of the Month

Monkeys are one of my favorite animals so when I saw that there was a book by Adam Kramer called Monkey of the Month, I knew I had to check it out!

The story is about a boy who gets bored with his gifts and ended up receiving membership to the Monkey of the Month club.  Each month a new monkey would come to his house.  Some of them did house work, some of them made more work for the others but they all seemed to be having a ton of fun. (Dare I say more fun than a barrel of monkeys?)

One day, the boys mom gets fed up with her house full of monkeys and tells them all to leave.  The boy hugs them all goodbye and they leave.  But then there is another knock at the door… who or what could it be?  Find out in Monkey of the Month!

This book is definitely a kids book and recommended for K-3.  It is a great rhyming book that would be a lot of fun for a child just learning how to read.

I received a free e-copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.


About the Book

Bored with mundane birthday gifts, a young boy unexpectedly receives a most peculiar gift on his birthday: a one year-membership to the “Monkey of the Month Club.” Though pleased it isn’t just a pair of socks, he is very confused by this odd gift, until, month-by-month, monkeys and their primate cousins start appearing at his door. As the year moves on, his house becomes full of chimpanzees, orangutans,   gorillas, and more, who begin turning his house into their own private playground. While a house full of monkeys, all unique in their own way, sounds like a lot of fun, membership in the “Monkey of the Month Club” does have some drawbacks. Find out what happens in this exciting and humorous adventure accompanied by bright illustrations. Grades Pre-K-3.

Adam Kramer is thrilled to enter the field of children’s books. When he’s not writing, he might be found catching a baseball game with his wife Lena. Stemming from his love of cartooning, David Kramer’s whimsical, animated characters reflect his love of storytelling and a creative imagination.

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