XFactor – Top 16

I think this is the first time I am actually able to watch the show “live” since it premiered! Between losing Fox, getting new cable but then not being home when it was on… Sheesh!  But I guess now is as good a time as any to avoid being spoiled!  There will be no public vote and the judges will decide who stays to move on to next week!

No fancy XFactor logo/icon.. yet. Maybe Ill try to make something this weekend.

This week’s theme “Made in America”

Paige Thomas – What Is Love –  What an outfit! I thought she did well but going first I have nothing to compare her to. It didn’t really blow me away.  But we’ll see how the rest of the contestants end up doing.

Arin Ray – You Keep Me Hanging On – Definitely an interesting song choice – Diana Ross – but I liked the rendition.  The smoke going off was a bit distracting though. Again, I’m not blown away but it was a decent performance.

David Correy – My Love Is Your Love – Probably my favorite performance thus far, though that is not really saying much since we are only 3 in.

Sister C – Hell on Heels – Not a fan of Sister C. Though I did like that Simon had them do a bit scaled back performance compared to some of the others. Just the three of them on stage and some fancy lights.

Jennel Garcia – Home Sweet Home – I don’t like that Demi had them do Jennel’s hair just like hers! But I do like Jennel and I think she is my favorite of Demi’s gang. It was a great performance.  (Simon said the same thing about trying to make Jennel a clone of Demi!)

Diamond White – Hey Soul Sister – This performance seemed to have a lot going on and a lot of colors which distracted a bit from Diamond’s performance. And I swear the audio on this show is terrible (or maybe I’m going deaf?) Every performance I have to turn it up louder. I wasn’t too into this performance, but I don’t think it was the worst either. (I also really dislike Train and that probably has a lot to do with it)

Vino Alan – Gotta Be Somebody – I think that Vino was my fave of the over 25s. Unfortunately the song choice left something to be desired.

Lyric 145 – Boom! Shake the Room / Gangnam Style – This brought my back to my days of Kriss Kross when I was a kid… Probably my favorite of the night! Wow. Awesome.

CeCe Frey- Because the Night – I think she took on too much with this song and seemed to lose her breath at times. And I just don’t like her.. so there’s that.

Tate Stevens – Tough – Not really a country fan but he is pretty good!

Beatrice Miller – I Won’t Give Up – There is something about her that I don’t like, but she did a  good performance, although some parts came across more as she was talking than singing. I did think she brought feeling into the song though.

Jason Brock – Dance Again – He is very over the top – but for him, it totally works. I’m not sure I’d listen to his stuff after the competition, but he is a lot of fun and very entertaining!

Lylas 1432 -We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together – Obviously don’t like the song choice – but I really love this group. Favorite group? Maybe.  Not sure I like the new name though. Perhaps it’ll grow on me.

Willie Jones – Here For The Party – I like Willie. You just totally don’t expect him to have that country voice!

Carly Rose – Somethings Got a Hold Of Me – This is my girl! I saw her audition and I want to see her go all the way!

Emblem 3 – One Day – I was really not sold on these guys until they did some harmonies in the beginning… and I think they’ve won me over. Just what I need.. another “we’re not a boyband” to obsess over.

Assuming 1 from each group is going home – from the Young Adults I would send home CeCe, from the groups Sister C, from the kids Beatrice and from the over 25s maybe Vino.

I really don’t know how they’re going to do it…


Time for the judges to pick 2 to move to the next round.

Young Adults – Jennel and Paige (totally cool with that!)

CeCe sings for her life – again I am having audio issues so the background music seemed to be taking over. Is it just me or is this how FOX is for this show?

Willie sings for his life – I don’t know. I wasn’t really blown away by EITHER… but I like Willie more…

Demi sends home Willie :(

Over 25s – LA’s turn to be in the hot seat.  He saves Vino and Tate.  I actually had Jason as going home but changed it to Vino (why?) So now I am 0 for 2 lol

David and Jason sing for their life.  I like them both, but forced to pick I’d go with David to stay.

LA sends home David. (WOW. I am really bad at picking!)

Teens – Britney saves Beatrice and Carly Rose (YES! I still stink at picking but my girl is through!)

Diamond and Arin must sing for their lives. I thought Arin sounded off key but based on the judges I am wrong. (I really think the FOX audio is just bad, I have it turned up a TON too)  Of the two I think Arin should go home.

Britney sends home Diamond.  (I do not have XFactor judge as a job in my future,huh?)

Groups – No brainer – Emblem 3 goes through first. Lyric 145 are the other easy choice to make it through.

1432 and Sister C sing for their life.  My vote goes to 1432 to stay and Sister C to go home…

Simon sends home Sister C.  (Well, it looks like I got one right…)

I am looking forward to getting to vote next week! Even though I seem o fail at XFactor judging… Hopefully I’m a bit better at voting!

Album Review: Chris Mann – Roads (#Roads)

Need You Now
The Blower’s Daughter
My Way
Unless You Mean It
Always On My Mind
On a Night Like This
Ave Maria
Viva La Vida

Chris Mann, Team XTina’s runner up from The Voice has released an album called Roads.  Influenced by Pavarotti, Robbie Williams and vintage Sinatra, Chris’ blend of classically-trained tenor and contemporary pop vocals is a sound that’s rare in music today. Said Cee Lo, “He is by far one of the most incomparable vocalists I have ever heard.” Christina Aguilera told him “I feel the heavens open up when you sing”

Roads was released on October 30, a follow up to his Christmas EP that was released on October 9.  The album includes producers Keith Thomas (Amy Grant, Vanessa Williams, Charlotte Church, Heather Headley), Walter Afanasieff (Andrea Boecelli, Josh Groban, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey) and Marius de Vries (Jackie Evancho, Josh Groban, PJ Harvey).

Chris was by far not one of my favorites on The Voice last season (but when you are up against Tony Lucca, someone I have had a crush on since I was in 5th grade – it is hard for anyone else to compete!)

The Roads album is really well put together – the accompaniment for each of the songs is simply beautiful when combined with Chris’ voice.  I especially love his rendition of Lady A’s “Need You Now”, the second track on the CD.

Christina joins Chris on the track “The Blower’s Daughter” and the duet gave me goosebumps! It is just so beautiful and moving. Wow. I’m impressed.

The combination of songs on the CD is great and it really showcases Chris’ amazing voice.  (Especially that note he holds out on My Way! Wow. Wow. Wow.)  If you’ve never heard of him or if you weren’t all that into him during The Voice – I recommend you check out the album anyway – I find it hard to believe that you would not be impressed with it.

PREVIEW 4 songs from the album here: http://soundcloud.com/universalrepublic/sets/chris-mann/s-e7O63

Roads is available for purchase at the following links:

iTunes – http://bit.ly/SgkwJb
Amazon – http://amzn.to/XQpJc8

Find out more about Chris at ChrisMannMusic.com

I received a free copy of this CD through One2One Network in order to write this review. By posting this review, I am entered to win a prize drawing.  All opinions are 100% mine.

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