The Voice – Live Playoffs

Team Adam and Team Blake take the stage tonight for the first episode of the playoffs.  2 artists from each team will be going home, 3 will make it through.  America will pick 2 of the 3, with the coaches having the final say.  I don’t understand why the contestants didn’t alternate between Team Adam and Blake and we had some go back to back instead. It seems like it would have been more fair to just alternate than end the night with two of team Adam’s?

Night 2 brought us Team XTina vs Team CeeLo. With it being up against XFactor, I opted to catch it online the next day which is why you may see some comment about skipping and bad video.  Only a couple weren’t great quality for me so I think I got the idea of the performances enough to throw together some thoughts.

Team Adam

Joselyn – Give Your Heart a Break – She seemed too breathy and I wasn’t overly impressed with her.

Melanie – Hit The Road Jack – There is something about her I don’t like. I didn’t like or dislike her performance though, I’m pretty neutral about it.

Bryan – Iris – Probably the best from Team Adam so far, but that’s not saying much.

Loren – All Around The World – This was a great song for her

Amanda – Dream On – Ah I see, Team Adam was saving the best for last. Another great performance.

Going through: Loren, Amanda, Melanie

Team Blake

Terry – Don’t Stop Believing – Terry is definitely one of the front runners in the competition and I think he did great with his performance.

Liz – Independence Day – I wasn’t really in to this performance. She seemed to be pitchy and fall over words at spots.

Cassadee – My Happy Ending – I want to dislike her, but she did a great job on that song.

Michaela – Everybody Talks – I think she is one of my favorites in the competition. If she doesnt make it through something is wrong with the show.

Julio – El Ray – I think he is taking a big risk singing in Spanish, but he has a nice voice.

Going through: Terry, Michaela, Julio

Team Christina

Adriana – Firework – great job on a difficult song

De’borah – Who Knew – Her performance kept skipping for me, but from what I heard it was good.

Devyn – Bleeding Love – great performance, I was really impressed with it

Sylvia – The One That Got Away – Her piano risk paid off. Hard to pick who will be moving on from this team after that one!

Dez – Wanted – Currently my favorite song in the world, so obviously him making it less country made me love it all the more!

Going through: Dez, Sylvia, De’borah

Team CeeLo

Cody – One More Try – Love cody! Nice performance showing off another side of him.

Diego – Bailamos – Love him but I am not sure this song was the best choice or enough for him to make it through

Mackenzie – What Makes You Beautiful – I really like him, but I don’t like him doing only re-makes of current pop stuff. I’d like to hear something different.

Nicholas – My Everything – He has a really great voice, but I’m not sure his look will get him through with America’s vote.( But I hope Im wrong!)

Trevin – What Am I Supposed To Do Without You – I prefer his performances like this, his higher register is a bit too much for me.

Going through: Mackenzie, Trevin, Nicholas

Results show.


Team Adam
My Picks Going through: Loren, Amanda, Melanie
America Picks: Amanda, Bryan
Adam Picks: Melanie

Team Blake
My Picks Going through: Terry, Michaela, Julio
America Picks: Terry, Cassadee
Blake Picks: Michaela

Team XTina
My Picks Going through: Dez, Sylvia, De’borah
America Picks: Dez, Sylvia
Christina Picks: Adrianna
Team CeeLo
My Picks Going through: Mackenzie, Trevin, Nicholas
America Picks: Trevin, Nicholas
CeeLo Picks: Cody

Well, I was consistent with 1 wrong from each team based on my picks, honestly I should have picked Cassadee because she has a fan base already, that slipped my mind.  And I do like Cody but thought the teens would vote for Mackenzie.  Guess not!

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