I think this is the first time I am actually able to watch the show “live” since it premiered! Between losing Fox, getting new cable but then not being home when it was on… Sheesh!  But I guess now is as good a time as any to avoid being spoiled!  There will be no public vote and the judges will decide who stays to move on to next week!

No fancy XFactor logo/icon.. yet. Maybe Ill try to make something this weekend.

This week’s theme “Made in America”

Paige Thomas – What Is Love –  What an outfit! I thought she did well but going first I have nothing to compare her to. It didn’t really blow me away.  But we’ll see how the rest of the contestants end up doing.

Arin Ray – You Keep Me Hanging On – Definitely an interesting song choice – Diana Ross – but I liked the rendition.  The smoke going off was a bit distracting though. Again, I’m not blown away but it was a decent performance.

David Correy – My Love Is Your Love – Probably my favorite performance thus far, though that is not really saying much since we are only 3 in.

Sister C – Hell on Heels – Not a fan of Sister C. Though I did like that Simon had them do a bit scaled back performance compared to some of the others. Just the three of them on stage and some fancy lights.

Jennel Garcia – Home Sweet Home – I don’t like that Demi had them do Jennel’s hair just like hers! But I do like Jennel and I think she is my favorite of Demi’s gang. It was a great performance.  (Simon said the same thing about trying to make Jennel a clone of Demi!)

Diamond White – Hey Soul Sister – This performance seemed to have a lot going on and a lot of colors which distracted a bit from Diamond’s performance. And I swear the audio on this show is terrible (or maybe I’m going deaf?) Every performance I have to turn it up louder. I wasn’t too into this performance, but I don’t think it was the worst either. (I also really dislike Train and that probably has a lot to do with it)

Vino Alan – Gotta Be Somebody – I think that Vino was my fave of the over 25s. Unfortunately the song choice left something to be desired.

Lyric 145 – Boom! Shake the Room / Gangnam Style – This brought my back to my days of Kriss Kross when I was a kid… Probably my favorite of the night! Wow. Awesome.

CeCe Frey- Because the Night – I think she took on too much with this song and seemed to lose her breath at times. And I just don’t like her.. so there’s that.

Tate Stevens – Tough – Not really a country fan but he is pretty good!

Beatrice Miller – I Won’t Give Up – There is something about her that I don’t like, but she did a  good performance, although some parts came across more as she was talking than singing. I did think she brought feeling into the song though.

Jason Brock – Dance Again – He is very over the top – but for him, it totally works. I’m not sure I’d listen to his stuff after the competition, but he is a lot of fun and very entertaining!

Lylas 1432 -We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together – Obviously don’t like the song choice – but I really love this group. Favorite group? Maybe.  Not sure I like the new name though. Perhaps it’ll grow on me.

Willie Jones – Here For The Party – I like Willie. You just totally don’t expect him to have that country voice!

Carly Rose – Somethings Got a Hold Of Me – This is my girl! I saw her audition and I want to see her go all the way!

Emblem 3 – One Day – I was really not sold on these guys until they did some harmonies in the beginning… and I think they’ve won me over. Just what I need.. another “we’re not a boyband” to obsess over.

Assuming 1 from each group is going home – from the Young Adults I would send home CeCe, from the groups Sister C, from the kids Beatrice and from the over 25s maybe Vino.

I really don’t know how they’re going to do it…


Time for the judges to pick 2 to move to the next round.

Young Adults – Jennel and Paige (totally cool with that!)

CeCe sings for her life – again I am having audio issues so the background music seemed to be taking over. Is it just me or is this how FOX is for this show?

Willie sings for his life – I don’t know. I wasn’t really blown away by EITHER… but I like Willie more…

Demi sends home Willie :(

Over 25s – LA’s turn to be in the hot seat.  He saves Vino and Tate.  I actually had Jason as going home but changed it to Vino (why?) So now I am 0 for 2 lol

David and Jason sing for their life.  I like them both, but forced to pick I’d go with David to stay.

LA sends home David. (WOW. I am really bad at picking!)

Teens – Britney saves Beatrice and Carly Rose (YES! I still stink at picking but my girl is through!)

Diamond and Arin must sing for their lives. I thought Arin sounded off key but based on the judges I am wrong. (I really think the FOX audio is just bad, I have it turned up a TON too)  Of the two I think Arin should go home.

Britney sends home Diamond.  (I do not have XFactor judge as a job in my future,huh?)

Groups – No brainer – Emblem 3 goes through first. Lyric 145 are the other easy choice to make it through.

1432 and Sister C sing for their life.  My vote goes to 1432 to stay and Sister C to go home…

Simon sends home Sister C.  (Well, it looks like I got one right…)

I am looking forward to getting to vote next week! Even though I seem o fail at XFactor judging… Hopefully I’m a bit better at voting!

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