And the battle rounds continue! The only good thing about being away is that I’m not watching “live” so I can get through the shows much quicker than usual! (And go back if the speed rounds are too much for me!)  It took me about 40 minutes to get through the first 1 hour episode (but I was multi tasking and catching up on other bloggy things so I had to pause and go back a couple of times)  I made it through the second episode in about 20 minutes paying full attention and now I’m kind of thinking I should not watch it live any more and just catch up later!

All teams are now full – plus 2 steals each and we’ll be moving on to the knock out round! This is a new round… and teams will be cut in half again – from 10 to 5 with 5 moving on to the live rounds.  This should be interesting!

Team CeeLo
Daniel vs Alexis
“Whatya Want From Me”
My Pick: Alexis
Cee Lo’s Pick: Daniel

Team Adam
“Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”
Brandon vs Nicole
My Pick: Brandon
Adam’s Pick:  Nicole

Team Adam
“Need You Now”
Brian vs Lauren
My Pick: Brian
Adam’s Pick: Lauren

Team Blake
“Not Over You”
Ryan vs Cassadee
My Pick: Cassadee
Blake’s Pick: Cassadee

Team Adam
“Get What You Give”
Joe vs Samuel
My Pick: Joe
Adam’s Pick: Joe

Team Christina
“Free Your Mind”
Devyn vs Marissann
My Pick: Marissann
Christina’s Pick:  Devyn

(Blake steals Marissann!!!)

Team Christina
“Hot and Cold”
Adrianna vs Jordan
My Pick: Adrianna
Christina’s Pick: Adrianna

Team Blake
“Hate Myself for Loving You”
Kelly vs Michaela
My Pick: Michaela
Blake’s Pick: Michaela

Team CeeLo
Avery vs Chevonne
My Pick: Avery
CeeLo’s Pick: Avery
(Chevonne gets stolen by Christina!)

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