Music Monday: Kesha Rainbow

Let ‘Em Talk
Learn To Let Go
Finding You
Hunt You Down
Boogie Feet
Old Flame


Rainbow is the newest release from Kesha.  She has been in the middle of a legal battle and that has been preventing her from releasing any new music.  A lot of these songs tell the story of what she has been going through.  Dealing with some crap in my own life right now, a lot of these songs could be really great anthems on not letting other people bring you down and to be the best you can be a fuck the haters.

Music Monday: Stephen Kellogg Tour de Forty

Disc 1

The Open Heart
Lost and Found
4th Of July
Almost Woke You Up
Start the Day Early
Father’s Day
Satisfied Man

Disc 2

Four Kids
The Brain Is A Beautiful Thing
The Bear
Good Red Wine
Shady Esperanto and The Young Hearts
Last Man Standing
In Front Of The World
Such a Way
Big Easy
See You Later, See You Soon
Wallpaper Angel
Curtain Call

Stephen Kellogg recently released a 2-CD Live album from his “Tour de Forty” that he embarked on earlier this year.  The sad thing is that he has said this will be his final release on CD – the music biz is changing and everything seems to be switching more and more over to digital.  As a collector, that makes me sad.  As someone who has too much clutter – well maybe it’s not such a bad thing.

I was pretty excited to hear that my favorite song, “My Favorite Place” was recorded at my show in Fairfield.  The cool thing about the album is that it was recorded from all the shows on the tour – but still flows and if you didn’t know it wasn’t all recorded at one show you probably couldn’t really tell. (For a moment I thought that they were all from my show – until there was a surprise before “Diamond” that I know was not my show) And I guess the various mentions of different city names kind of gives it away too 😉

This is a really great compilation of SK songs – if you’re not all that familiar with him this is a great place to start! And if you’re a fan and want to relive the greatness that is SK live – well, this is the disc for you.  Head on over to his website and his family store to get your own copy – and it will be packed up and shipped to you by one of his Four Kids!


Music Monday: Harry Styles Self Titled

Sign of the Times
Sweet Creature
Two Ghosts
Meet Me In The Hallway
From the Dining Table
Ever Since New York
Only Angel


I’ve been putting off listening to Harry’s solo album for quite some time, considering it is now August and it came out in May.  I’ve had several friends tell me that it is absolutely amazing but I just haven’t been able to find the time.  I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect from his solo release and I have to say if you asked me what I thought it would sound like, what this album sounds like would absolutely not have been my answer – but I am digging it.  It’s a different sound from One Direction but it’s really great just the same and now I’m kind of kicking myself for not trying harder to get tickets to see him on his tour. (Even though most of his dates conflict pretty severely with my fall Hanson tour plans)  I’m not even sure I can pick a favorite on this album and there’s not that have gotten an automatic “skip” either.

Music Monday: OTown – Part 1

Empty Space
After the Lights Go Out
Shady Business
Cut the Cord

OTown released an EP recently after having great success raising funds to record it on kickstarter.  A few of the songs I had heard already live when they did a show at Mohegan Sun earlier this year.  For the most part I am loving the EP! The only song I am not yet sold on is “Giants”, but it will probably grow on me after a few more listens 🙂   Shady Business we at first thought was all about Lou Pearlman but after hearing more about it, it seems like the start of it stemmed from the Rewind Con that was held in Chicago that ended up being a bit of a con itself.

I will be seeing the guys again in July – on a BOAT – with VIP!  It won’t get much better than that and getting to hear some of these new tracks LIVE will just be the icing on the cake.

Music Monday: Tyrone Wells Covers Two

American Pie
We Are Young
I Just Called To Say I Love You



Tyrone Wells has released the second of his Covers EPs.  This one features a variety of songs from different genres and eras, all done up in a way that only Tyrone could.  I was most excited to hear Tyrone’s take on I Just Called To Say I Love You, but after listening to it a couple times through, while I Just Called To Say I Love you is great, We Are Young is amazing. Absolutely amazing.  This is a song that I don’t typically enjoy, even go so far as to flip the station if it comes on the radio but Tyrone’s interpretation of it has rendered me near speechless.


Music Monday: Ed Sheeran Divide

Castle on the Hill
Shape of You
Galway Girl
New Man
Hearts Don’t Break Around Here
What Do I Know?
How Would You Feel (Paean)
Supermarket Flowers
Bibia Be Ye Ye
Nancy Mulligan
Save Myself



After releasing a few songs from the album, the entire Divide album from Ed Sheeran has finally been released, along with dates for a pretty extensive tour.  It took me a while to find the time to sit and listen to the entire CD so there were a few tracks that I have already heard people talking about (Galway Girl, Supermarket Flowers) before I had a chance to listen and I tried to go into it with an unbiased and open mind…

I am not sure there is any song on here I don’t like (although I think Supermarket Flowers is going to have to be a skip unless I feel like crying) and I usually put a mark next to each song on the track listing I want to single out as a favorite – but there were so many! This album is just so, so good and I can’t wait to see some of it live! Just a few more months to wait.


Music Monday: The Search For Everything Wave Two


Still Feel Like Your Man
Emoji of a Wave
Roll it on Home

February 24th John Mayer released the second wave of The Search For Everything – another 4 tracks. (The 3rd wave will be the full album drop in April)  Like the first wave, there is something familiar about these songs – yet new and different all at the same time.  I am absolutely obsessed with the track “Helpless” and I think left to my own devices I can listen to it on repeat all day long.  I am just thinking about how amazingly awesome it will be live and hoping he will play it next month when I go see him!!  In “Still Feel like Your Man” there was a sample that I had recognized “Ever since the day we met…” from a 1996/1997 Primitive Radio Gods song – but then realized that the PRG clip was a sample as well – from BB King – which makes a lot more sense that that would be what John was sampling.  It’s kind of crazy how many random 1996/1997 songs I have embedded in my brain from too much MTV as a kid.

I think that I love Wave 2 more than Wave 1 and if this trend continues then I guess that means that the rest of the album is going to be even better… Looking forward to it!! So excited that John is back.

Music Monday: John Mayer The Search for Everything Wave 1

Moving On and Getting Over
Love on the Weekend
You’re Gonna Live Forever in Me

January 20 John Mayer released the first wave of his new album, The Search for Everything.  4 tracks were released and since he worked with the gang he worked on Continuum with, there is a strange familiarity with these songs, even though it was my first time listening to them.  I really liked that, because it almost felt like “home” and definitely the “throwback” John that I really love. (Not that I don’t love his more recent stuff, but it was a bit different than the John that I know and love)  In the Spring, John will be embarking on the Search for Everything tour – and I’ll be seeing him in Boston – apparently from behind the stage (but that’s a story for another time).  In the Summer, he’ll once again be hitting the road with Dead & Co and then is supposed to be going on yet another solo tour after that.  Fingers crossed he hits up CT and smaller venues where sitting behind the stage isn’t possible 😉

Music Monday: Ed Sheeran


Ed Sheeran released 2 singles – Castle on the Hill and Shape of You.  It seems like Shape of You has been getting more airplay – but ever since I watched a video of the Teletubbies dancing to it, I can’t seem to listen to it without seeing them dancing around, which makes me start laughing.  Castle on the Hill I’ve only heard a couple of times on the radio and it seems to be a bit more personal and a bit less radio friendly than Shape of You.  Either way, it is exciting for Ed to be back after his hiatus and I’m looking forward to him releasing “divide”.


Music Monday: Shawn Mendes Illuminate

Treat You Better
Three Empty Words
Don’t Be A Fool
Like This
No Promises
Lights On
Bad Reputation

I really like Shawn Mendes.  Something about his voice I really like and even though he is more of a “teenybopper” artist, I’d love to see him live one day.  His voice just sounds so much older than he is.  I really enjoyed his new album Illuminate and have trouble picking a  favorite song, I just love them all! My only regret is that I had planned to listen to and review this CD much, much earlier but got really busy and bumped off a whole bunch of Music Monday reviews that I had planned – I could have been enjoying this CD for so much longer if I didn’t!

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