Sign of the Times
Sweet Creature
Two Ghosts
Meet Me In The Hallway
From the Dining Table
Ever Since New York
Only Angel


I’ve been putting off listening to Harry’s solo album for quite some time, considering it is now August and it came out in May.  I’ve had several friends tell me that it is absolutely amazing but I just haven’t been able to find the time.  I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect from his solo release and I have to say if you asked me what I thought it would sound like, what this album sounds like would absolutely not have been my answer – but I am digging it.  It’s a different sound from One Direction but it’s really great just the same and now I’m kind of kicking myself for not trying harder to get tickets to see him on his tour. (Even though most of his dates conflict pretty severely with my fall Hanson tour plans)  I’m not even sure I can pick a favorite on this album and there’s not that have gotten an automatic “skip” either.

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