Disc 1

The Open Heart
Lost and Found
4th Of July
Almost Woke You Up
Start the Day Early
Father’s Day
Satisfied Man

Disc 2

Four Kids
The Brain Is A Beautiful Thing
The Bear
Good Red Wine
Shady Esperanto and The Young Hearts
Last Man Standing
In Front Of The World
Such a Way
Big Easy
See You Later, See You Soon
Wallpaper Angel
Curtain Call

Stephen Kellogg recently released a 2-CD Live album from his “Tour de Forty” that he embarked on earlier this year.  The sad thing is that he has said this will be his final release on CD – the music biz is changing and everything seems to be switching more and more over to digital.  As a collector, that makes me sad.  As someone who has too much clutter – well maybe it’s not such a bad thing.

I was pretty excited to hear that my favorite song, “My Favorite Place” was recorded at my show in Fairfield.  The cool thing about the album is that it was recorded from all the shows on the tour – but still flows and if you didn’t know it wasn’t all recorded at one show you probably couldn’t really tell. (For a moment I thought that they were all from my show – until there was a surprise before “Diamond” that I know was not my show) And I guess the various mentions of different city names kind of gives it away too 😉

This is a really great compilation of SK songs – if you’re not all that familiar with him this is a great place to start! And if you’re a fan and want to relive the greatness that is SK live – well, this is the disc for you.  Head on over to his website and his family store to get your own copy – and it will be packed up and shipped to you by one of his Four Kids!