Moving On and Getting Over
Love on the Weekend
You’re Gonna Live Forever in Me

January 20 John Mayer released the first wave of his new album, The Search for Everything.  4 tracks were released and since he worked with the gang he worked on Continuum with, there is a strange familiarity with these songs, even though it was my first time listening to them.  I really liked that, because it almost felt like “home” and definitely the “throwback” John that I really love. (Not that I don’t love his more recent stuff, but it was a bit different than the John that I know and love)  In the Spring, John will be embarking on the Search for Everything tour – and I’ll be seeing him in Boston – apparently from behind the stage (but that’s a story for another time).  In the Summer, he’ll once again be hitting the road with Dead & Co and then is supposed to be going on yet another solo tour after that.  Fingers crossed he hits up CT and smaller venues where sitting behind the stage isn’t possible 😉