Wednesday night the Top 12 performed.  It was announced that this would be a DOUBLE elimination week.

Theme: Divas

Jennel – Proud Mary – Great way to start off the night! I’m with Simon – she improved a bunch.

Tate – From This Moment – I really don’t know how or why he was #1 last week and I certainly hope he isn’t this week too.  I was not impressed with this performance in the slightest.

Diamond – Halo – Very strong performance from Diamond.

Beatrice – Time After Time – Who decides what she wears? She is so 1990s grunge and I don’t understand it! She is still not one of my favorites, but this performance was decent.

Lyric 145 – We Will Rock You / ET – I love them. They’re so fun!

Arin – Crazy For You – (Did they start playing Lyric 145′s track again instead of his at first?) Not a great performance with him, and with his being #11 last week it is very possible that he may be one of the ones to go home.

Paige – Last Dance – Another great performance from Paige!

Fifth Harmony – Hero – There are definitely a few girls in the group better than the others which totally comes across when they are all singing at once.  I think with time they might be able to work on this but for now it makes things sound not so great at times.

Carly Rose – My Heart Will Go On – I actually thought she was going to sing this last week! Another great performance from her but I am worried her high ranking last could cause people to not vote for her this week.  (And FYI LA saying we could be looking at the winner gave me flashbacks to her audition when Demi said she thought she could win it!)

Vino – Let’s Stay Together – There is just a tone to his voice that I absolutely love.

Emblem 3 – No One – I’m not sure if this was their strongest performance, but it was good and looked like they were having a lot of fun and I don’t think they’re in trouble.

Cece – All By Myself – I just do not like her and I don’t think this performance was that great.  As much as I disliked Jillian – she would have been a MUCH better choice for this spot in the young adults group!  She had that one long note but after that everything sounded off key.


I think that Arin and Cece will be going home.

The first act leaving the competition gets told to us relatively early in the show or so we think.  Then we are teased with having to wait through the commercials.  After the break we find out that it is Lyric 145 going home!  WHAT!? I am shocked.

Then we are treated to Taylor Swift and her horrible inability to sing live.

Safe and through: Arin, Vino, Carly Rose, Diamond, Tate, Emblem 3, Beatrice, Cece

Jennel, Paige and Fifth Harmony are left with 1 more going through and the other 2 will sing for survival.

Fifth Harmony go through with Jennel and Paige singing for survival.

I am really shocked with how this voting went.  America is full of idiots man.  (Or is the audio on my TV THAT bad!?)

Jennel sings first and it seems like there are some nerves there. Paige goes next.

From the two performances, I would send home Jennel. (Even though it pains me to say that! There are at least 3 people I’d have wanted to send home before her!)

LA chooses to send home Jennel

Britney chooses to send home Jennel

Simon chooses to have Demi pick first

Demi chooses to make Simon go instead…

Mario wants none of that and makes Demi choose

Demi chooses to send home Paige

Simon chooses to send home Jennel

That seals Jennel’s fate and sends her home.  Paige joins the top 10

And the rankings again:

10. Paige
09. Arin (up 2 pts)
08. Beatrice (up 2 pts)
07. Diamond (down 3 pts)
06.  Fifth Harmony (down 1 pt)
05. Cece (Up 7 pts)
04. Emblem 3 (up 2 pts)
03. Vino (same)
02.  Carly Rose (same)
01. Tate (same)

I am glad Carly is so high, but I’d LOVE to see her end up at #1!

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