The Voice had the Top 10 perform this week.  But we were first treated to a performance from Christina and Blake.  I guess they are really trying to help Christina get some more record sales.  And waste time. Because if there is one thing The Voice is good at – it is wasting time!

I am also blogging this while playing along live with VIGGLE for the first time (I just signed up this week!) So if my post seems a bit distracted, it is because I am trying to answer trivia while watching.

Sylvia – Girl On Fire  – A few pitchy points and there is still something about her I don’t like. I’m not sure she’ll make it through to next week.

Terry – Summer of 69 – My mom thinks he could be this years winner.  He is very solid and consistent with his performances so I think she could be right!

Melanie – Seven Nation Army – Still not a fan.

Cody – Crazy In Love – Not sure how I feel about the outfit (Mom says he thinks hes Adam Lambert) Mediocre performance.

Bryan – New York State of Mind – It is so crazy to think he used to front a metal band! This was a great performance.

Amanda – Stars – Beautiful performance

Nicholas – Lean on Me – Another great performance from Nicholas.

Trevin – Scream – A little screechy, but considering the song is called Scream I guess I can let it slide. Another good performance from Trevin.

Cassadee – Over You  – Ok performance. I dont know. I couldnt get into it s much as I would have liked

Dez – Feeling Good – What a great performance to end the night with!


Going home (my picks): Sylvia and Melanie

1st 2 safe – Nicholas, Cassadee

Next safe – Dez, Cody

Another safe – Melanie (one wrong and im nervous because i like a lot of the ones left!)

Who else be safe – Terry

Sylvia, Trevin, Bryan and Amanda are left… who will make it to the top 8?

Trevin and Amanda

Which means Sylvia and Bryan will be leaving us.  Just when I decided I liked Bryan. Of course.


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