Over the past week or so, every store, radio station, brand, etc that I’ve ever signed up for text alerts have been texting me.  (So much so my coworker even commented “Your phone just goes off all day”)  The idea of the text is the same: “Do you want to continue receiving texts from ___? Reply YES”  It turns out that the FCC is tightening up its rules on texts and calls through the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and if you don’t get your list to re-up by October 16th, your list will be wiped out.

I found this site that breaks things down a bit more and it made the most sense of the multiple articles that I’ve been looking through to find out why all of a sudden I am the most popular person via texts.


Fortunately it seems like the texts will stop after today.  I never realized how many opt-ins I had done for text messages until they all started flooding in over the course of a few days!  So if you want to keep getting texts with discounts from your favorite store – just opt back in and that will give them express written consent to continue to contact you.  If you’d rather not, then your info will be wiped from their system today.

And now I can go back to being the unpopular person I am getting only texts from Twitter alerts 😉

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