Arrrr Mateys! Did ye know that today be talk like a pirate day?  (How’d I do?)

If you want to go above and beyond – you can play with pirates with the help of Chatterfun Media!  Chatterfun Media is a leading company that designs early childhood language software and is excited to announce the opening of their Kickstarter project!  With Kickstarter, you can help Chatterfun Media fund their project and you will get rewarded for your participation.  The rewards include software, original art, character development or for one very lucky and deep pocketed individual – you can help them develop a pirate module to teach children the language of the seas while providing them with an interactive game to explore and discover pirate language and culture! The ultimate gift on this day, International Talk Like a Pirate Day. You can view the Chatterfun “My First Language Lesson” project via this link  (And if I were you I’d check out the page – we don’t need anyone walking the plank!)

Chatterfun Media currently retails two products, ABC’s with Elly and Spelling Bee Interactive. Their products are used in homes and schools to introduce children to foreign language. These affordable programs are a great first step or introduction to language and allow children to experience and play with language. The Kickstarter project is for development of an activity workbook and CD based on our current titles. If fully funded, they will develop cultural themes, activities, additional games and more animations. Children will be able to explore Spanish one day and French the next day. Through this fun activity, children develop a great passion and interest which leads to better results in learning. But they need your help! Please help by funding our project and share with friends via social media. By joining us on Kickstarter, you will also have the opportunity to vote for our sixth language. For more information on Chatterfun, please visit

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