Scaredy Squirrel is back! I learned all about how to prepare for Christmas from him last year and now he is back to tell me all about how to prepare for Halloween in his safety guide for scaredies. (I am definitely a scaredy squirrel about Halloween!)

Just a note – it is recommended that you not read this book during a full moon. (I wonder what would happen if I did… hmm)

Also a note – there are spiders illustrated in this book. So… if you’re a scaredy about that like me -beware!

This is a super cute book for kids about how to prepare for Halloween and what you need to get your house ready, yourself ready, etc.  If you have a kid who is a bit nervous about the holiday, you might want to check this out with him or her to try and ease their mind a little bit so that they will be prepared for what is to come!  And I might be posting this a bit late because he recommends starting to think about your costume options in JUNE! Sorry!

I absolutely loved all the pages with the different themed costumes with the squirrel wearing each outfit.  The gnome is my favorite!  Maybe I should go as a gnome this year? I don’t know…

Overall a super cute book, great illustrations and definitely a fun series of books!

I received a free e-copy of this book from the publisher in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

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