Last Friday night Honor Society returned to The Space for a show for the first time in 4.5 years.  This was actually the first show of theirs Lauren had invited me to, but I had to decline due to work :(   This was also the first time I had seen them in CT since July of 2008!

Opening first was The Narrative. They weren’t bad, they were quite chatty with the crowd and their setlist had 7 songs on it but I think they ended up getting cut at the end. You can check out more about them at

Next up was Kicking Daisies – their set didn’t include any of the older songs from when the girls were in the band.  Also interesting was the beginning of 2011 I saw them at the space and they sold it out – so I thought for sure they’d get a huge crowd there, but the show didn’t seem even close to being a sell out.  I’m still not a fan of their new lineup and it seems like they are changing their sound as well.

Then it was time for Honor Society! Their set was basically the same as the show in New York City with the exception of them not starting out the set with Empire State of Mind.  We were able to get a spot right up front by Andy and Alex.  I was glad Mike moved around so much this night so I could see him. (Wasn’t so glad in NYC when it was impossible to take a photo).  The only bad thing about The Space is their lighting sucks.  I don’t like to use a flash for photos but I had to if I wanted anything decent, but then I felt bad for being so close and using a flash constantly so I only took a handful of photos before giving up on the camera and just enjoying the rest of the set.

Afterwards we hung around to meet the guys and were able to get photos with all 4 of them, despite the people at the venue trying to kick everyone out twice. (We didn’t listen and neither did anyone else!)


Full Moon Crazy
See U In The Dark
Living for the City > Living a Lie
House on the Hill
Knew You Were Trouble > Here Comes Trouble
Two Rebels
This Bed Is An Ocean
Hurricane > Purple Rain > Where Are You Now
Run For Your Money
Teen Spirit > Nobody Has To Know
Wherever You Are

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