Tuesday Honor Society played New York City to celebrate the release of their new EP, Serendipity.  Opening up was Jillette Johnson and Love Via Dance Machine (LVDM).

Jillette is from NYC and I thought she had a great voice and interacted a lot with the audience. She did a few songs including Peter Pan, When the Ship Goes Down and Cameron.  She was also accompanied by a cello, which was something I don’t think I’d ever seen before at a show.

LVDM was a group of 4 guys from Boston – Wiley, Izaiah, Alex and Jimmy.  They were very animated on stage – but unfortunately I don’t think the crowd was all that into them.  J14 Magazine was in the house checking on their performance – although their instagram photo caption made it seem like it was LVDM’s show – and not Honor Society’s.
About 9:30 Honor Society took the stage.  This was my 35th show and I think that it was the best yet.  There is always something so electric  about their New York City shows since it is their hometown crowd (and where I first saw them perform too)

I loved how they did their opening – Jason came out and started the song on keys, then Alex on drums, then Andy on bass and finally Mike came out and started singing Empire State of Mind.
The setlist was fantastic – they threw in some great covers – in addition to Empire State of Mind they did Living for the City as a segway to Living a Lie, Knew You Were Trouble (which I guess is TSwift but I honestly had no clue what they were even singing) into Here Comes Trouble, Purple Rain mixed in with Hurricane and Smells Like Teen Spirit before Nobody Has To Know!

I am really not sure what they are going to do for the set tonight in Hamden, but I don’t think there is anyway this show can be topped!  It was really just amazing and I am so proud to call myself a fan of theirs and it ha been so fun to follow their career since 2008.  I just hope someday soon they end up playing seated venues ;)

Empire State of Mind > Full Moon Crazy
See U In The Dark
Living for the City > Living a Lie
House on the Hill
Knew You Were Trouble > Here Comes Trouble
Two Rebels
This Bed Is An Ocean
Hurricane > Purple Rain > Where Are You Now
Run For Your Money
Teen Spirit > Nobody Has To Know
Wherever You Are

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