Last year there was a new addition to the Back to the Island experience which was a solo set from each of the members of the band. They did the same for this trip.

Day 2 – Zac was up first at 3pm.  His set was only 8 songs and as much as it pains me to say this – was my least favorite of the 3 sets. It went by very quickly, he hardly spoke with the crowd (except to say it was going fast and probably because he wasn’t talking a lot) but he did perform a song they had never performed live before – Wait Here For You – so add another one to my list.  He also did the first repeat song of the trip when he did Juliet.  Which was fine with me as it’s one of my favorites.

Call Out My Name
Get So Low
Wait Here For You
On and On
Fire on the Mountain
Musical Ride

After Zac’s solo set it was time for Isaac’s.  I’m not sure I can sum up his set properly… you kind of had to be there… but I’ll give it a try.  He came out and said that the first song had an “oh yeah” in it that he wanted us to sing along with.  I figured he must be starting with Minute Without You – but then he went into River instead, which has a “never know!” for us to sing – which we all of course picked up on.  He mentioned he had his songs mixed up and then went in to Minute Without You.  Little did we know just how much he had his songs mixed up… He did 2 songs that I’d never heard live before (I don’t think either had been played before) Two Tears and Ordinary Words.

Somewhere during the set he ended up getting a request for “Sometimes”, he said he would think about it – started playing “Someone” and said he’d try to wrap his head around playing Sometimes next. He said he was trying to remember – and now that I’m listening back he was totally wrong from the get go and asked “is that right?” and then said Sometimes is the song he always messed up night after night in 1998 – the second verse always messed him up and he couldn’t remember the lyric – but he’d do it anyway because it was requested. He said he hadn’t played the song in 15 years. (Which I didn’t think was true – but I looked it up and they haven’t done it since The Albertane Tour!)  Except then he started playing Smile.  And slowly everyone in the crowd started realizing “hey, this isn’t what he was supposed to be playing…” and then… Isaac finally realized it himself.  I’ll let you watch the realization unfold.


He ended up finishing his set with “Best of Times” which he had to start 3 times because he kept getting tripped up with lyrics.  Sounds like someone may need a teleprompter for tour 😉


Minute Without You
Two Tears
Being Me
Ordinary Words
More Than Anything
Best of Times


Taylor was the last Hanson show of the trip due to the flip flop in the schedule and his performance ended up at the theater inside instead of out on the beach due to weather concerns. I never did see any rain – so either we were inside and missed it or it didn’t end up being quite as bad as they thought – though it WAS windy because when we went to eat dinner they weren’t sitting anyone outside and the doors to outside kept blowing open from the wind.

Taylor did 4 songs on his own and then called out one of his brothers to help him with the next song.  After Isaac getting picked on by Taylor and Zac the whole week over the Sometimes/Smile flub, Taylor and Isaac did Sometimes for everyone.  Isaac also stayed on stage to perform Sunny Day with Taylor.  Taylor’s set ended up being 11 songs long – the longest of the 3.

My Own
Never Let Go
Get Out Of My Heart
Sunny Day
Runaway Run
All I Ever Needed
I’ve Been Down
Voice in the Chorus
Make It Out Alive


And since I did a poor job of scheduling posts – here’s a recap of the Hanson activities as well –

Pottery Painting with Zac
I painted a whale.  It was fun.  Zac went around from table to table to see how we were doing and chat.  My friend Kim asked him if Isaac had told them about the Sometimes / Smile flub and Zac said that he did.  Then said Isaac is more of a Jerry Lee Lewis than Bing Crosby and that he likes to make sure we are entertained. The reference went a bit over my head but I guess Jerry Lee Lewis is more does whatever he wants and Bing is more by the book? My History of Rock professor would be so disappointed in me!

Mixology with Isaac
The red passes were telling us that this was boring and we were shocked.  But it kind of was.  I think part of the problem was there was a waterfall next to the area he was at – that was on (for some of the event anyway) and then the speakers must not have been facing us, or all the audio was just going up to the very high ceiling so it was a bit hard to follow along with what was going on.  He made 3 drinks with a fan assistant. He broke 1 glass and gave minor injuries to himself and his fan assistant and I heard he also cut his finger with a knife.  I preferred his trivia event last year – even if it was difficult even for me.

Afterparty with Taylor
We got let in to this early and went up by Taylor’s DJ set. He warned me I might not want to stand here. I told him I probably would end up sitting down. He said “not that I dont WANT you up here, but you know how it is”  yes, I know all too well!  We did end up sitting and he came back out a while later after the stampede of girls to get to the front row… for a DJ set!  He did a great mix of music this time and there was quite a surprise with the crew and Isaac all got dressed up in ridiculous costumes and ended up dancing on stage.  I think Taylor was just as surprised as everyone else!

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