Throwback Thursday – Hanson 8/9/03 Baltimore, MD


Headliner: Hanson
Opener(s): Teitur
Cost: $30


Strong Enough to Break
Runaway Run
Rock N Roll Razorblade
Teach Your Children
When You’re Gone
Need You Now
Crazy Beautiful
Being Me
Penny and Me
Rip It Up
Lost Without Each Other
This Time Around



We were front row for this show, placed there by security.  There were 2 girls who camped out all night and were pissed we were in front of them and tried and tried to squish in between my friend and I all night.  Finally near the end of the night I couldn’t stand my ground anymore and let them through.  One of these girls still goes to every Hanson show but I think she’s calmed down a bit in the past 11-12 years.

Where Are They Now:

I’m not even going to bother with this for Hanson anymore.

Book Review: When the Sun Shines on Antarctica

antarticaWhen the Sun Shines on Antartica is a collection of poems on the frozen continent.  I found the poems to be great but the illustrations included were exceptional. There’s also a small box that includes facts that explain the things that are mentioned in the poems, so in addition to being a nice poetic reading it is also very educational as well.

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

Icebergs brighten
as the sky peels
itself of darkness
and stretches awake. . . .

We’ve been waiting
for you.

Experience summer at the bottom of the world. The sun rises, ice melts, grass grows, seals squabble, whales sing, and young penguins slide, glide, and belly flop.

Irene Latham’s evocative poems are accompanied by additional facts that provide further details about the animals and their environment. Whimsical illustrations from Anna Wadham complete this charming collection.

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