Product Review: IGotTech Texting Gloves

Outside in the cold, have your gloves on and want to text someone? Or you maybe you want to update your social media accounts with just how cold it is outside?  With any other gloves – you’d have to take them off first and then send your text with your digits exposed to the cold!

With IGotTech texting gloves – you can keep your gloves on and still text! You can type, scroll through facebook posts, and do anything else you’d do without your gloves on while still keeping your hands warm!

The gloves are soft and warm and compare to any other set of gloves I’ve had – in that respect.  Of course, when it comes to the ability to text and use a touch screen – they are by far the best I have tried.

IGotTech’s “Touch-nology” is all wrapped up in your fingertips for smart, fun, warm smartphone love outdoors.

I have small hands and found these gloves to fit really well.  The thumb is a little bit big, but it didn’t hinder me being able to use the gloves and my phone at all.  I was able to text and take photos of the snow during our latest blizzard here in CT, all while still enjoying the comfort of having my gloves on and hands warm.


I received a free pair of gloves in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated and all opinions are 100% my own.

Love With Food Box December


The December Love with Food Box theme was “Taste the Season”. It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Whatever you may be celebrating this season, we hope that your December is merry and bright – and filled with delicious holiday treats! In this season of giving, we thank you for helping us feed a child in need again this month.

Kettle Corn By Oogies
Like snowflakes glistening in the sun, the evaporated cane sugar dusted with salt on this non-GMO popcorn will have you saying OOOOO in no time

This was very sweet, but very good. Perfect to share with a friend as a snack.

Pitted Green Olives by Olympos
Authentic greek olives, naturally cured over many months, are full of healthy fats and antioxidants – now that is something to celebrate!

I didn’t try these, but my Mom did. She said they were good and she was expecting them to be salty but they were not which she liked.

Hazelnut Spread by Nocciolata
Skip the roasting and enjoy this organic Italian Chocolate Hazelnut spread on … well everything!

This was good – but I never know what to eat it with so I eat it by the spoonfuls and there’s got to be a better way!

Cookie Chips by Hanna Max
Tasting like cookies yet crunching like chips, at 120-130 calories per serving, these cookies are baked to perfection for every season of the year!

These cookies were very tasty, although I wish I had someone to share the bag with because they did end up getting a bit too sweet near the end there.

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels by Liddabit Sweets
Chewy, chocolaty and not too sweet, these babies will calm your chocolate craving with just one piece… Okay, maybe two.

These were great! Loved them!

Chocolate Honey Mints by Honey Acres
Peppermint and chocolate are a classic winter combination – and the raw honey in these mints provides a natural source of energy

I wasn’t sure what to think of these at first – but they were just like peppermint patties which is one of my favorites.

Espresso Candies by Bali’s Best
Espresso-on-the-go! These candies made with Sumatra coffee are the tastiest cure for holiday shopping fatigue

I’m not a big espresso fan – but these were good. If you looove espresso you will looove these.

Dark Chocolate Coconut by Next By Nature
Forget the mistletoe – sharing this chocolate covered coconut with someone you love is sure to earn you a smooch!

I don’t eat coconut so I had to pass on this as well.


If you’d like to receive your own Love With Food box monthly, please use my referral link!


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