Music Monday: McBusted McBusted


Air Guitar
Hate Your Guts
What Happened To Your Band
Get Over It
Riding On My Bike
Sensitive Guy
Beautiful Girls Are The Loneliest
Before You Knew Me
Back In Time
How’s My Hair?
Getting It Out

McBusted is the supergroup formed by McFly and Busted.  The album was released in December 2014. I’m vaguely familiar with both groups so I can’t really compare this super group effort to the sound of the bands separately – but I certainly like what I hear.  The CD is a bit on the short side, 40 minutes, but is very good. A lot of the songs ended up stuck in my head after listening and I don’t think they’ll be leaving any time soon. (Especially “Get Over It” – very catchy!)

I listened to this CD on spotify in order to write this review.

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