vegasInnocent In Las Vegas is about Tiffany Black – at night she is a blackjack dealer at one of the Las Vegas casinos, but by day she is trying to become a private investigator.  She is hired by Sophia who was married to casino owner Ethan Becker.  Ethan has been murdered and the murder weapon was found in Sophia’s nightstand, but she swears she is innocent.  The cops don’t believe her so she wants Tiffany to help prove it.  While she talks to other potential suspects, things get a little crazy.  She is locked in a room by Beady Eyes and Mr. Beard and after escaping (after stabbing one of them with her stiletto heels!) Sophia hires her a bodyguard named Stone.  Stone believes that Tiffany should go to self defense classes as well as get a gun permit, but Tiffany resists.  When she finds herself in her condo with a masked man who has a gun and she has nothing but a vase, she begins to think maybe Stone is right.  She escapes the masked man unharmed (and hides in a neighbors apartment who gives her cupcakes!) and continues to dig deeper into the investigation even though several people are after her and will back off if she backs off the case.

The book is a quick read with a lot of action, drama and mystery.  Will Tiffany solve the case and prove that Sophia is innocent? Or is Sophia only hiring a private investigator to make her look better to the jury? What else will she uncover about the suspects during her investigation? You’ll have to read Innocent in Las Vegas to find out.

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write my review. I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book
Private investigator by day, blackjack dealer by night, and cupcake-addict extraordinaire, Tiffany Black has just landed her first case. Casino owner Ethan Becker has been murdered, and Tiffany needs to find the real killer.

What should have been a simple matter of talking to a few suspects gets out of hand, and soon Tiffany finds herself fielding violent casino goons, a mysterious new bodyguard and strange masked men. Her poker-playing Nanna and pushy parents want Tiffany to settle down and get a nice husband, but Tiffany just wants to stay alive and solve the case, preferably with a few more cupcakes for good luck…

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