Last month, James from Big Time Rush (aka my favorite member!) was announced as coming to the mall – he was doing one mall about 30 minutes from here on Saturday and then *MY* mall on Sunday! We never get anything fun here so I was so excited.  Then the event got postponed because he was stuck filming the finale of the TV series for longer than anticipated.

The events were rescheduled for this weekend and I decided I’d check it out.  James was there from 12-9 and the first 1,000 people there would get to meet him.  He’d be there from 12-3 and if you got a wristband you were guaranteed to see him.  Wristbands were going to be given out at 7am but there was no way I was getting up that early. (Sorry James) I rolled over to the mall about 12:30 and first took a couple of pictures from the level above. Then I saw they still had wristbands so I figured – what the heck – I’ll give this a try.

Standing in line is NOT easy for me since my balance stinks, and is of course even harder when I have no one with my to help me out.  About 1/4 way through I was wondering what I got myself into and just kept shuffling from one post of the velvet rope to another.  About halfway through (an hour in) I was more determined.  I got this! And it would be ridiculous to back out now.

And I did it.  I made it on to the stage and over to James and told him how I used to meet the Easter Bunny on that stage as a kid.  He laughed and said “oh so you know all about this then” and I was like “yeah but it was a lot quieter for the bunny”

And then – poof – after 2 hours of waiting I had about 10 seconds with James – they cut my wristband from my hand 🙁 and I was on my way home.

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