Idol Top 4 – Redux

This week the Top 4 girls sang again, their votes would be added to the votes from the week before, of course, because they want Amber to have an unfair advantage.  I’m not sure why everyone seems to be against this girl, she is great and improving tons but whatever.

The theme was Then and Now.  They started with a #1 Billboard Top 40 hit.  And the judges kept making comments about what huge hits they were!  The better to smack you with, my dear.  Hello, they are #1 songs – the only way to be a #1 song is to BE A BIG HIT.   Candice did Bruno Mars When I was Your Man and I was so, so, happy that she didn’t re work it to be about a girl.  It makes me crazy when they do that and one of the judges (i think?) made a point that people sing along to it on the radio and that is how they sing it. YES!

Then it was time for the standards.  Oh that song is OLD! Why did you do such an old song when we told you to do old songs? Judges? HELLO!? Are you on the same planet as the rest of us?

Harry Connick JR also was the mentor. He thinks he’s pretty funny. I don’t.

The best part of the evening was the end.  No, when they did the group number at the end, not when the show ended 🙂

And then the results show!  I like how they are trying to keep my attention by bringing in cute past Idols that I love.  This week it was David Cook and his new song.  Then we had some Will I Am and our mentor Harry sang.

And, just like I predicted 700 million years ago Amber was going home.  But man, wouldn’t have been great to send home KREE?  I am so. over. her.

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