Tulsa Hanson Weekend

Last weekend I went to Tulsa for Hanson’s Members Only Event.  I already posted a bit about the show, but now I’ll post about the whole weekend.  The Members Only Events used to only be the show, but last year they decided to make them yearly and are now trying to make them something bigger. This year they added on a dinner on Friday night (but I didn’t make it to town in time) as well as an album listening party and a documentary screening for their new album ANTHEM which will be out June 18.

Like last year, they also had a store which had all sorts of new merchandise being debuted for the weekend. The big hit were the pint glasses and coasters. I was nervous about getting the glasses home in my luggage so we hit up a UPS store so I could get them shipped. They arrived yesterday safe and sound!

The thing I was most looking forward to was the listening party – although now I am kind of bummed because there are 3 or 4 songs stuck in my head and I can’t hear them again for another MONTH! Ahhh.  The new album is really great. A lot different than what they have done before but really awesome.

The documentary talked a bit about how they really needed a break before recording the new album because they weren’t sure if they wanted to keep making music or not.  Fortunately after the break they decided that they would be making the new album!

They also did a 1 mile walk around Tulsa – we happened to show up right at the end of the walk and were able to take some pics of the guys while they were talking and got a photo with Zac afterwards as well.  In addition to donating $1 per ticket sold to their Take The Walk campaign, they will also be continuing to do the walks on this fall’s tour.

Sunday there wasn’t too much to do so we did some site seeing – made the trek (again) to their child hood home, the golden driller (my fave) and some other spots around town.

The show was great, seeing a bunch of friends I only see once a year was even greater!

Looking forward to next year’s trek!

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