Book Review: No Kidding

No Kidding is a group of essays from women who don’t want children.  There are some names you might recognize – like Margaret Cho – and all share their experiences and why they ultimately decided that having kids was not for them.  This is a topic that has been coming up amongst my friends a lot recently, so I figured I would check it out.  All of the women have different reasons as to why they don’t want to be a parent.  Some had several miscarriages and decided that being a mom was not for them, others have a significant other with children and that keeps them content and others have known since a very young age that having kids and being a mom was just not something that they were in to.

For anyone who judges friends because they don’t want kids, you should check out this book and maybe seeing things from a few other perspectives will help you to understand where your friend is coming from.  For anyone who doesn’t want kids – check out this book and you will find out quickly that you are not alone – and in fact, you’re in some pretty good company.

I received a free e-copy of this book to write this review I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

In  No Kidding, comedy writer Henriette Mantel tackles the topic of actually not having kids. This fascinating collection features a star-studded group of contributors—including Margaret Cho, Wendy Liebman, Laurie Graff, and other accomplished, funny women—writing about why they opted out of motherhood. Whether their reasons have to do with courage, apathy, monetary considerations, health issues, or something else entirely, the essays featured in the pages of No Kidding honestly (and humorously) delve into the minds of women who have chosen what they would call a more sane path.

Hilarious, compelling, and inspiring, No Kidding reveals a perspective that has too long been hidden, shamed, and silenced—and celebrates an entire population of women who have decided that kids are just not right for them.

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