Thursday night Tyrone Wells returned to my favorite venue – StageOne Fairfield Theater.  I had opted to purchase a VIP ticket package through Tyrone’s website, so we were let in about 30 minutes before doors and treated to a private 2 song performance from Tyrone of songs that he wouldn’t be doing during his set that night.  There were 10 of us there and it was a really neat experience.  We also got a gift bag which included an 8×10 (that Tyrone signed for all of us!) and a pick card.  We also got a photo w/ him without having to wait in the M&G line after the show.  Definitely worth it and really cool. (And Tyrone said he liked my bag!)

Then it was time for the show! Brett Young opened up the night with a short set. I really loved his voice!  Actually, all of the voices at this show were phenomenal.  Next up was Brendan James who felt like he was home being originally from New Hampshire. (Where Brett was from California and not digging on our not so Spring weather!)  Brendan mentioned how he had traveled through Newtown on his way to the show and ended up singing a song that he didn’t think he originally was going to which seemed to have been inspired a bit by the December events there.  I really enjoyed both of the openers, like I had said – great, great voices the whole night through!

Tyrone hit the stage at about 9pm and did a set of 14 songs and an encore.  He was great, though I was a little bit disappointed that he did not yodel this time!  He also did a great diva mashup consisting of Adele, Beyonce and a little bit of Taylor Swift. (And maybe some others I’m forgetting!)  I don’t know, there’s something about Tyrone singing “I knew you were trouble” that actually makes the song bearable!  When the band left for a few songs, Tyrone took a seat and talked a bit about the ankle surgery that he had earlier in the year.  He mentioned how he needed cartilage in his ankle and that he had to get it from a cadaver.  He talked a bit about an article he read where a man had received a woman’s heart and he went out and heard a song and started crying and had no idea why.  Then it happened again and he was able to figure out that the song was Sade.  His family went to the donor’s family and asked if the donor had any sort of connection to Sade and they said that she had gone to all of her concerts.  He said he was impressed how music can stay with your heart like that and mentioned how if we unfortunately died but our hearts were given to someone else, that he hoped they’d cry when they heard his songs!  He also spoke a bit about how they’ve been on the tour for a month and he’d already been involved with 7 or 8 proposals and how some how he had become the proposal guy and told a bit about a proposal he was involved in earlier in the tour before playing his song Seabreeze – which is apparently a lot of couples favorite song!

It was a great night and Tyrone’s new cd “This Love” came out recently so you should check it out if you get the chance!


Sink or Swim
Head over Heels / Just a Friend
Running Around In My Dreams
For Who I Am
Happy As The Sun
All You Gotta Do Is Dream
Baby Don’t You Change
Diva Mashup
A Beautiful Place To Be
When All Is Said and Done


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