Saturday, Hanson would be returning to the Wilmington Flower Market in Wilmington, DE.  I had been planning to go for quite some time but as the date got closer, thunderstorms were in the forecast.  I figured I’d give it a go – even though I’d be driving roughly 6+ hours to see maybe a 1 hour set that might end up being canceled due to weather.  As time got closer we also found out they’d be doing a meet and greet after the show so I figured I’d still make the trek.

I got there around 3pm and was told by my friend who had been there for a while that Hanson had just arrived as well.  When I made it to the stage, they hopped on stage to do a quick soundcheck – what perfect timing! And the weather was beautiful, maybe even a little bit too hot and it looked like the storms had moved on.

Then everything got delayed by about a half an hour moving forward. Me & This Army who were supposed to hit the stage at 4, ended up starting at 4:30.  Free Energy were supposed to start at 5, ended up starting around 5:30 and the rain began a little bit into their set.  I threw my phone and camera in a plastic bag to try and keep it safe and put on my raincoat.  Fortunately, it wasn’t a heavy rain and there was no sign of thunder or lightning.

Before Hanson took the stage, the radio personalities called up a girl and her boyfriend to the stage (this can only mean one thing) he asked her about her Hanson tattoo and she said how a lot of fans had tattoos.  Then it was time for her boyfriend to take the mic – and of course – he asked her to marry him.  She said yes!  And then they got congratulations from Hanson and the radio personality yelled “WHERES THE LOVE?” and so Hanson started their set with Where’s the Love.  The setlist was an interesting mix – but seemed to be more focused on songs from 2004. (Interestingly enough, that was when they had last appeared at the Flower Market.)  They did a few new songs – I’ve Got Soul, Cut Right Through Me, Get The Girl Back and Fired Up and of course the singles – in addition to Where’s The Love they also did Thinking Bout Something, Penny and Me, This  Time Around and of course, MMMBop.  And for some extra filler, Been There Before which they had us sing along on and Get Up And Go.

Even though we were getting rained on the show was a lot of fun!  Afterwards we got in line for the meet and greet.  We knew it would be getting cut off – either when they ran out of photos to sign or when the park closed.  The park was supposed to close at 8pm because it would be dark.  8 o’clock came and went and they were still going so we thought we had a chance, but at 8:15 they shut everything down because the park was closing.  It was frustrating that it wasn’t more organized and many left without getting to see the guys.  They were signing AND doing photos and I think if they just signed things would have moved much quicker and they could have got through more people that way.  (And everyone looked like drowned rats anyway so the pictures probably aren’t too glamorous)

We did all end up in Taylor’s photo that was used as the final photo of the photo a day in celebration of their 20th year. The band is now 21 years old! (Taylor also was taking pics of me through a car window which was kind of funny because I am sure I have done that to them many times!)

Overall I am glad I got to go, it was a lot of fun and I got to see some friends I haven’t seen in a while 🙂 (Though more of them were supposed to come and ended up not due to various reasons!) Hanson show #79 was a (soggy) success!


Wheres The Love
Ive Got Soul
Thinking Bout Somethin
Been There Before
Crazy Beautiful
Get Up and Go
Cut Right Through Me
Penny and Me
This Time Around
Get The Girl Back
Fired Up

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